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Next week, cheers! My name is Brad Mimic. I've been the Bourbon Authority. Here for the Kentucky Derby Museum for eight years in the legends series is something that is very near, and dear to my heart very important to me. And it's where we get the most iconic figures of the Bourbon Industry up here and we talked him now eight years ago. Nobody was really. Doing this now everybody's doing it and people see the see the personalities on the stage at a thing goodness on on a very regular basis. And a little bit before that time. My wife and I my beautiful wife right here in the front row. Shut up! We went on it. Was In two, thousand, eight or two thousand nine I. Add opportunity. They buffalo trace invited me out for something. And this gentleman meets me in the Meets me in the Visitor Center and tells me the story about his grandfather and his father, and he takes us on this journey, and I've been on a lot of bourbon sewers. They were all kind of similar a little bit of history. Bring them a little bit of science. And then come. That came this passion this personal story. And one of the things I'll never forget as he points out of brick is like and this is how they used to like mortar the brick. There's some horsehair right here and I. Don't know why, but that was one of the things that stuck out to me of for Jacqueline. It was just a sheer presence of the gentleman to my right. Ladies and Gentlemen, the very first tour guide to be elected into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of fame for Good Reason, the Star of the film neat. Tour Guide at Buffalo traces delivery. My good friend Freddy Johnson..

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