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The beltway all's quiet three ninety five ninety five without the lay popular WTOP traffic now you're starting for forty four gases checking misty prince valley it's a chilly night still a breeze out there Kyle to temperatures right now our into the low to mid thirties I think our overnight lows will be in the twenties in places like all the in Purcellville Leesburg probably deals fill in Damascus probably lower thirties as you head toward Arlington College Park Silver Spring in Washington winds will get into the minister under twenty miles an hour now which is good the skies clear sets the stage for a lot of sunshine to kickstart your Saturday then the clouds increase we top off in the mid forties a pretty typical early February day now he's been the Saturday night that's when our next weather system will approach with the risk of a few for flurries but nothing serious that's out here Sunday morning so clouds giving way to sunshine good looking Sunday as we finish off the weekend with highs in the mid to upper forties Monday into their both unsettled clouds some rain showers but temperatures milder into the low to mid fifties and I don't really see any signs next week of any snow it looks like mostly some showers will be around Monday Tuesday maybe into Wednesday as well and even another chance of seeing some showers before the week is done check contenders right now is thirty five in Ashburn feel like twenty seven with the winds thirty three an oldie Winchell's twenty six and rested also thirty three with the wind chill twenty six cop Darcy thanks so much nine fifty one we've been telling you about the strong storms that rolled through the Washington area early today now we have confirmation from the National Weather Service that three tornadoes rolled through the Washington area we've got confirmation of those tonight Carroll County Maryland had a tornado rolled through and it's an EF one E. F. ones also confirmed in a confirmed I should say in Dickerson that's in Montgomery County and also when boys of Montgomery County earlier this evening the National Weather Service told us that a storm went through Cecil county Maryland a tornado and also one in Leesburg so five tornadoes confirmed in the Washington area from those big storms this morning president trump continues to attack house speaker Nancy Pelosi he claimed today that the speaker broke the law when she tore up his state of the union speech the president says the house speaker disrespected the chamber and the.

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