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Powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Hey, Dave. What's happening now? 35 years. I guess that makes me procrastinator of the century for not going. I was going to go eventually and see a nationals avoid getting swept by Cleveland thanks to a late inning rally. Straight up in the infield the pitch swing and a line drive through the right side of base hit right field. Abrams scores from third Smith to second and Joey manasses has given the nationals the lead with his second end of the day. Charlie slows on 1500 a.m. Nats beat The Guardian 7 to 6. They host the Orioles tomorrow. It was beat the Chicago White Sox 8 to four to take two of three from the payloads. Ryan mount castle drives in one run, increasing his RBI told him to 20 putting him on pay for 202. We discussed the birds in this week's Nats notebook on the sports page at WTO P dot com. NBA playoffs home court did not hold in three of the four game ones yesterday, Los Angeles Lakers beat Memphis one 28 to one 12 as Anthony Davis delivers 22 points with 12 rebounds Miami over Milwaukee one 30 to one 17 Giannis left after 11 minutes due to a lower back Bruce Los Angeles Clippers in Denver also post victories, NHL playoffs begin this evening while the capitals coaching search is fully underway after the team parted ways with Peter laviolette last Friday XFL D.C. defenders clinch home field with a win over Arlington as in Arlington, Texas, not Virginia naturally. I don't know where they put the stadium. There's not a lot of room on that side of the river NASCAR Kyle Larson wins and Martinsville. PGA Tour Fitzpatrick takes the RBC heritage. Dave Preston WTO sports. Coming up on marchers

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