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Network at community f one and who are active life that ovarian cap trash isn't that what it's about because without that community it's it's really difficult and you know many women i have a friend to at eighty years of age was diagnosed with the the bracket gene and um had to have surgery and radiation and she just refused she just refuse to get help she didn't want a lot of help and she took herself to radiation and there's no need in this day and age i mean that's the old school thinking that there really is so many so many wonderful opportunities for women today and man that they don't have to walk lists were down down this right alone yeah yes you're absolutely right and studies have shown that people who receive support airing their camp carat barion actually come to have better how out coverage gas and file what share i'll about providing report from people who had already experienced counter baker kind of had a different perspective on act on what kind of equipment on what it's like to be a fat rain without dr and and receive that wife total tanguy now fast you know they found her it they know exactly what it's like are kind of provide arbiter a real perspective upto prayers people there's no look at gawker at allowed right and i also wish that we could change this is my own pet peeve but i wish we could change the.

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