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I'm your host pharmacist air christianson and today. I'm going to cover the drug. Doll you tag revere so doll you take revere is an agent that can be utilized in the management of h._i._v. infection and oftentimes in h._i._v. infection treatment <hes> we do need to use multiple <hes> combinations of drugs drugs with multiple mechanism of action in the mechanism of action of dog tag. Revere is an integrase inhibitor so mechanistically how this works is the drug can interrupt the h._i._v. Life cycle by binding integrase and integrase is super important to the h._i._v. Virus <hes> because that integrates is an enzyme that allows how's the virus to <hes> air quotes for lack of a better term integrate its own d._n._a. Into the host cell and in humans h._i._v. targets <hes> those cd four t cells so that's how that that drug <hes> helps prevent the replication and the continuous cycle the evolution of the h._i._v. virus within the the body now now with that obviously the drug is is used for <hes> h._i._v. Treatment <hes> often in combination with other drugs dosing is typically once a day which is a big advantage many patients <hes> with <hes> h._i._v. treatment or needing h._i._v. Treatment <hes> pill burden can be a significant issue where patients have to take multiple different <hes> pills throughout the day that can lead to you know forgetting and not remembering remembering when to take them and how to take them and just getting busy with everyday life in having a poor adherence <hes> so that's most patients patients are probably going to be on fifty milligrams a day <hes> however there is a twice a day dosing for certain <hes> patients. Maybe they've been resistant in in the past or <hes> there's other clinical factors at play where we might use a higher dose there and i'll talk a little bit about that <hes> in the drug interactions section as well <hes> always important to remember that you know this information is time sensitive. Certainly a as i'm making this podcast all you take viewers certainly part of <hes> or the integration inhibitors in in general or certainly part of the h._i._v. treatment guidelines lines but <hes> those seem to change as often as i change my clothes so <hes> definitely keep that in mind with any h._i._v. guidelines now making sure that you've you've got the latest and greatest information there. I did forget to mention the brand name of dolly tag revere that's typically and and it's also important to note that there are some combination products with all you take revere in it as well as other anti-hiv agent so <hes> if you're unsure of what a brand name contains or is <hes> do like i do and go look it up and make sure you know <hes> which which mechanism of actions were using which is going to lead you down the road to recognizing <unk> side effects drug interactions and and all that sort of stuff so <hes> important to remember <hes> to look those up if you're not accustomed to working with patients with h._i._v. Adverse effect <hes> <hes> profile <hes> you may see some changes <hes> insomnia dizziness <hes> there's a possibility that it can raise <hes> blood sugars so patients patients with diabetes for example that that may be a concern or at least something to monitor <hes> if you've got a patient on tag revere <hes> those they're probably a little bit more frequent but obviously you know maybe not quite as severe as something like you know have paddock failure or a hypersensitivity reaction so those are a couple of rare adverse effects but <hes> ones that that have been reported with dog tag revere so let's take a quick break here and i'll finish up on <hes> drug interactions after a.

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