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You do so with our treat it like a match we break up into small groups we have a team later somebody who's been there done that kind of you know their way around geographically as well as conversations and we go in small groups of bore five six people and we tell them who we are it's all about the relationship we're not there to tell them that we want them to vote a specific way we're obviously a second amendment sporting organization but we just want to tell you about me and my background and who i am and make me as a gun owner a human again because the left has been such an amazing job of bastardising and demonizing us they really need to see a real gun owners and you know what they've done to the nra has a huge black cloud because they're they're they're propaganda is just hammering us as in ra members and i think it's important that they see that i'm not the demon that you think i am or that you talk about it and i do care about children just because i'm not willing to give up my guns which is an irrational thought to me because i don't think that's point two stops you know gun violence so it's all about the relationship and shaking their hands and those people that are against us and hate hate us they kind of like that coalminer moment hillary and she had to come face to face with somebody that she had been demonizing and so that's kind of what it is for the people who are against gun rights and gun ownership and then for the people who are go ahead to your point and you don't look like who they think they are demonizing they have an image in their head of the knuckle dragging mouth breathing begun on her back woods gun on her and then you guys show up and it's a whole bunch of very nice pleasant generally good looking women i can say that you surprised them.

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