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This one for you I want to say this though I don't like the new schedule that's our last golf event will next year I don't like it I look at the scheduling I told you guys in may fall tournament may I told you guys in may I don't like this PGA may thing in a reserve role while you open your mind is in no man I need my summer it's like a great tradition because the PGA is kind of like a let your hair down like it's kind of a free for all it's it's not bound by any tradition you know the master so we got a whisper and all that or the US open where everybody's angry because the roughest so high they had exactly or the open championship we have said the cabbie in Gulf of the yeah then you get to the PGA it's like we the CAG baby let's go it's always in August it's always hot and sweaty is everyone were Stevie your tell me in New York when the crowd was a what was it you tell me that Stephen story when he's getting heckled Steve young yeah like some celebrity thing was that back there now okay I do know that in New York I saw the greatest heckle of all time of Colin Montgomerie can I tell this story I don't know because of all sort of an off color word thanks to Colin Montgomerie every knows in the lumpy golfer from Scotland who had poly he had that the tech the classic blubber and then the Parcells appear on the address CA in nice breasts so he was he was a super power he powered it all the time he would always complain about the lounge by the end playing an impound would always complain or he'd call that a fan for coughing or something like that wow there was nothing appealing about this guy yeah I mean he had the long **** everywhere all laying I do know what you're gonna say yes this is good this only we work on your okay gets to New York for Bethpage you know to use it at all digest does this whole thing no like be nice to Monte don't tell me I'll say I'll just say the letter right or or I guess the the first letter of your word I use like you know guys they don't do that okay yeah so it so much he comes in New York City Betty just crazy to public course people the drinking beers effect Bethpage this year the PGA got crazy when they were going against kept a number that kept us over a pot the gold they're like Matt spans his face member yes it was rattled the Mets fans in my face get ready guys get real like walking out there to point you got this guy behind the ropes.

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