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Before. Let you go. Just take me head to the 2022 draft in Vegas. Todd, Give me your top three. A few prospects in that draft. We're gonna be the first names off the board in 2022. He had to predict that right now. He's got a lot more names at the one guy. I keep going back to his tip adults. Morgan, I think he's gonna be a stud. I'm gonna do my mock draft tomorrow morning. I'm gonna wake up me to spend most of the day doing putting together my list and going looking forward Piper to starts usually on day two, but I wasn't with him one day to this year. So day three. He starts in on May. What's your list? What's your top 10? Who are you guys gonna be? What? You're Mark Jackson look like Well, can we get through 2021 Get the 2022 Nelson. The top names in 2022. Although the Jets I had cavon Stupido, who was number one coming out of high school, Spencer Rattler could be the top quarterback from Oklahoma, The Marvin Leo from Texas, and I'm a big defensive linemen go. We've all heard. They're extremely Junior's name forever. A corner from ls you Evan Deal, Right tackle Alabama Pride move The left tackle will take over for Alex Leatherwood. Jerry, in turn, are gonna move from right tackle. Left tackle, replaced Landon Young in Kentucky. Drake Jackson, a great pass rusher, potentially USC Christian Harris all around linebacker at Alabama. Until you're ill in the corner from Florida. Nick Benito, linebacker from Oklahoma, Sam Howard quarterback in North Carolina, just some of the names that will begin time attaches. Not too early. My one point over for 2022. Not too early for you. Um I'm interested to see what quarterback step up. I mean, every year, it zem like somebody knew, right? I mean, we We didn't know that Jack Wilson was going to be right this high and be the number two overall pick. Skyler Murray was gonna go play baseball a couple of few years ago, and he becomes the number one overall pick, you know, I mean, you can. Mayfield, Baker Mayfield. It was like Every single year. There's 123 quarterbacks that wind up going in the first round that when we're sitting here right now, we don't know about it. It's understandable because these guys are playing a different sport. They haven't been starter. Whatever the the situation, I mean, two guys they got trapped in the first round this year had 17 starts. Matt Jones had 17 starts in Alabama. So you're a year ago. This time he had just four starts and one of them was in the island boating through to pick sixes in that game, so and then the other guy is Trey Lancer had 17 starts is plenty of the FCS level. So you just don't want to say you never know, But there's it seems like every year we got a guy or two that that step up. There's a kid Tyler shocker was Oregon now is the Texas Tech Todd. And it was an interesting guy. Herm Edwards has always been talking up Shane Daniels at Arizona State. JT Daniel's with us. See now a Georgia thought your cove, It was Notre Dame now Boston College. Get Carson strong out of the bottle, so someone some quarterback like, Todd said, with Borough and Mack Jones, and that list somebody will emerge out of that group. But right now, it's great to see what we got. All these defensive players offensive tackles up at the top of the board, and they'll be interesting. I called the Rat learned like the river. Spencer Rattler Oklahoma always had. What is Lincoln? Riley Not had a quarterback up there or create a quarterback up near the top and special rapper from Oklahoma will be the next guy in line. Well, Mel Todd, I appreciate it, man. I hope you enjoy the pumpkin pie today. Dallas tonight at Friday night at nine o'clock. Johnny Carson. Your last look at Southfork. There's left Look at Southfork with Jock Ewing and Miss Ellie on one of her car. Hamel about Pamela and which I which is which is your favorite shot, Which is your favorite Johnny Carson Episode Your favorite tonight show episode. Anything with cardiac really Carnac the magnificent Yeah, card. He was Johnny Carson. But they said they said with the greatest one phenomenal entertainer, But they said one of the greatest things is one of his greatest accomplishment was the day He died. Nobody in the country and anybody. Anybody could tell you what this political affiliation was. They had no idea. He was always with a company, but nobody knew. He just kept it right down the middle doing, nobody knew. And that was it was a phenomenal 11 30 Eastern time every night. That's what I did. And then Dallas Friday nights at nine o'clock or Southfork Ranch, wild boy. Bring it, You know, Before we go, I got to take some funny car neck every year, I would talk with the Washington general manager Bruce Allen. And we call for draft opinions or afraid, opinions, whatever it may be. And so after a while on it started when I was in Denver, and he was in Oakland. I would give him information and he would start calling me car neck. And that was the first time that I've heard that name in a long time. When you said Karnak, I was about to respond to you because that's what Bruce Allen always called me for your car Net. Hey, cardiac whenever I call him, there are certain names that you respond to cardiac was his. And I was the first time I've heard it since Washington let go. Bruce AL And so I thank you for keeping me on my duties, snapping me to attention. But the scientist who was a psychic, it was it was Ed McMahon. Ed McMahon said next to Johnny Carson all those years, Doc Severinsen on the orchestra there and then the band leader and then Todd night you onboard with outside. Well, I appreciate you guys being my sidekicks today. Thank you very much The time. Mel Todd Mel, Good luck with the wedding this summer. God, I hope you get some down time. Always a pleasure to talk with you guys. I could do it forever. Thank you and Mel. I would give you a $20 bill for your time today if I could, but I'll just say instead have Kim give it eoe best Ft. Thank you guys. All right. We'll get back to the podcast in just a moment..

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