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Gorgeous day in Saint Louis could be a gorgeous weekend. We just keep lucky not with the weather and that's a good thing because we're gonNA have football back in Saint Louis, county high school football this weekend we'll talk about that coming up on the program as schools were able to make their case to return to the field at home within the county limits earlier this week you've got a huge matchup that I'm actually going to be. A part of so talk about that CBC and dismissed tomorrow we're going to visit with both head coaches both Robert steeples former Mizzou star in the head coach of the defending. State. Champ. Dismay. Football Program will also Gentler Scott Pringle the head coach over at CBC. So looking forward to talking to both of those guys as we get ready for a great game tomorrow at noon, it's met we'll hear from David Cuiaba Saint Louis Post dispatch who's been covering the developing story does a great job covering High School Sports Talk Nfl in College Football Friday. So didn't know that we would be spending time talking about high school football. As things have changed within the region. So we will get to some NFL some pick some daily fantasy Ben Heisler sports illustrated. In our next segment and we'll also hear from Ben Frederickson of the Saint Louis Post dispatch should a fun time chatting? Ben, for Ben Fred Friday's last night that's up at scoops with Danny Mac dot com right now and Mizzou. Tigers will be an action against Lsu. Cars are done blizzard done. It could be center stage for drink quits and Mizzou for the next couple of months. So all that coming up the Friday edition of the program, the Cris Ravi show on scoops with Danny Mac. Dot. com. Roll down the windows. Let's have fun. Let's get ready for the weekend and let's go. Welcome and happy Friday. Hope you're having a wonderful day. It's the Chris Rock show on scoops with Danny Mac dot com I'm your host Chris Rabi so high school football will.

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