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Sanford health is leading these trials so they've got researchers on staff that are not just running very specific trial but several others dealing with cold at night and and it'll give us a unique opportunity to really proved what so many experts out there have been saying about hydroxy and the benefits they can bring to those who are suffering with a virus I have a question so do you have a state income tax in South Dakota we do not you do not and and what is like your property taxes I would assume they're pretty low right they are they're lower than that than most of our surrounding states really want under state government through is the sales tax on that you need to do a study why is Sean Hannity an idiot I'm paying nine point nine percent state income tax if I die they get ten percent back at and why I'm an idiot I pay this I'm in the second highest property tax county in the country I'm an idiot I I could hold my branch out in South Dakota and be happy for ever after and and see the beautiful you know creation of god in the wilderness I would love that at elm and keep your freedoms and liberties even and exactly absolutely a Jewish study wise Hannity so stupid Hey girl next study anyway governorate thanks for sharing all of that it's important I think there are lessons we're going to be able to learn from South Dakota and every other state in between and we appreciate you sharing it with us absolutely anytime something so much eight hundred nine four one Sean Ryan Johnson by the way positions are urging immediate action on access hydroxy clerk when which I think is key all right everybody's lives were worried anxious concerned when is this and when we get back to normal kids are home schooling you don't want to worry about your kids cyber safety and it's a real that's a real challenge in this day and age there are there are predators everywhere now this is where a company Norton three sixty steps up to the plate now they're going to give anybody that would like it six months of Norton family for free that will help you monitor your kids online activities that will block unsuitable sites while.

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