President Trump, Carrie Austin, Iran discussed on Chris Plante


Comment from southside alderman, Carrie Austin after the feds raided her ward office yesterday earlier in the day Austin spoke at an anti-violence program announcement with mayor. Lightfoot day is a day to day. God has made because he's made the star of the show that was before the Fed's rated her office, mayor Lightfoot is not calling on Austin to step down at this point. But she does say she has no tolerance for corruption. I ran on change. I ran on the necessity of integrity in our government, both in eliminating automatic prerogative. But also the package of ethics changes that we introduce at the last council media suburban democratic congressman Sean Casten now says Democrats should start the process of impeaching President Trump that position by cast is significant because he represents a suburban district that years ago was solidly Republican and Republicans have targeted him for defeat next year. House speaker Pelosi still opposes impeachment. The, the United States says that Iran shot down a US drone patrolling. The Persian Gulf. Let's get more from Bob Costantini, unknown. If President Trump was aware of the runs shooting down a US navy drone in the Persian Gulf when he told Fox News Hannity program last night regarding tensions with Iran. In general, I would say if I were you don't worry about the president has been downplaying any chance for military conflict with Iran, the drone downing ups attentions that have built up since Mr. Trump took the US out of the Iran, nuclear deal and reimposed harsh sanctions on the Islamic Republic Iran claims to the drone was in its airspace. The US insisting it was over international waters. Bob Costantini, the White House presidential candidate, Joe Biden under fire from his fellow Democrats for saying nice things about some old, segregationist senators that he used to work with here's his opponent. Comma,.

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