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Lately. The news from the federal campaign trail has been dominated by talk of guns vaccine passports and the protesters who are very much against vaccine passports. What has not been at. The forefront are boil water advisories the horrors of residential schools and other issues that affect indigenous communities after a summer in which unmarked graves were discovered at former residential schools. It seemed like indigenous issues. Were finally impossible to ignore. Flags were lowered candidate celebrations were cancelled and politicians made lofty promises with just thirteen days to go before the election. We reached riley. Yes no to talk about those promises. She's an indigenous. Rights advocate and writer from admiral tongue first nation who recently graduated from the university of toronto. She's in toronto. I know you have been following this election campaign so how much attention has actually been to the issues of indigenous people. Yeah i have been paying close attention I think that we're still not seeing enough. Which is incredibly disappointing. Especially coming out of the last few months right where there was all the revelations of the graves at resit former residential schools. What are you hearing if anything of what the the leaders are saying. We know that. I know you worked with justin trudeau and his youth council. When you're in high school you have been engaged in politics. We saw in twenty fifteen justin trudeau described. This is the most important relationship was our relationship with indigenous people and yet in six years of being the prime minister. Six years since we had a tooth the conciliation commission that said there was a cultural genocide. What has actually been done. Yeah i mean. It's why i said in the last election. The twenty nineteen election that justin trudeau's biggest competition at that time was not injure sheer but it was two thousand fifteen justin trudeau. Who made all of these promises to indigenous people got indigenous people out in historic number to vote and then failed us time and time again since those years so looking at the liberals actual track record You know they have completed. Only a small small handful of the ninety four calls to action at this rate. They won't be completed until something ridiculous. Like twenty seventy. They missed their target for boil. Water advisories miss their target for murdered and missing indigenous women and girls action plans. And so we've kind of just seen one broken promise after another In terms of the trudeau liberals and we both conservative leader erno tool. He says that flags have been flying at half-mast for the children who died at the residential schools. Those flags should now be raised. What are you hearing from him yet. I mean air no tools platform and the conservatives Was the first one that i read in terms of their indigenous commitments. And it is. It's actually horrifying In my in my view. I mean we started off with the title. Which is you know. saying commitment to canada's indigenous people As if you know. Canada owns us erin. O'toole of course came under scrutiny A number of months ago for his role in a young conservatives you know campaign or meeting or something like that where he denied you know the true nature and atrocity of residential schools And it's really start to see how he's leading in the polls at least right now and so now. Canadians who were flying their flags half mask wearing their orange shirts are now lining up to vote for this man. It's really kind of harrowing is wanted to your reference to the Tse tooth and reconciliation commission in the ninety four calls to action That i think erin o'toole has committed to implementing six of them. I think all dealing with the residential schools has what about the mvp have we seen has the and eps seeing made reference to those calls to action. Yeah so i mean the platform certainly has you know The best language and like the best analysis around it so they commit to implementing all ninety four of the truth and reconciliation Calls to action creating an indigenous housing plan that includes on and off reserve. So you can tell that. There is some level of being in touch with indigenous communities probably also because the most of the can most of the indigenous candidates running in this election are with the mvp but also. The one thing. That i'm worried about is that it's a bit of a truism right like if they were to ever get into office to make these far reaching these stretching promises. It's it's gonna be really hard to fulfil those i think and then also it's going to set a really bad precedent for indigenous people to be let down again some months ago. We spoke with malak. Cacak is she. is you know. And then dp politician. She was the only seat in the house of commons and the interview. We had with her. She told us that she was not going to run again in this campaign and it was absolutely touching and important interview. We had with her what she described. How disillusioned she was with the political system. How little she was able to accomplish with with inside politics you had considered running for the mvp and then chose not to is that. Yes so it's it's You know really echoes. Kind of what malak was saying. You know so. You had mentioned at the beginning that i used to work with prime minister justin trudeau. That was when i was very young. I was super into this idea of politics. Elected politics in canada as a change making vehicle and through my time Working with the prime minister. I came to realize how how truly ineffective it can be at times and more. So how violent and how You know perhaps my my voice and my skills could be used To better serve my community and other places and not so Malek said i really love that she saying like you know i'm not quitting. I'm just changing all this work. That i'm doing i'm going to bring it somewhere else. And the more i thought about it the more i just thought You know along the lines of that famous. Audrey lord quote which is you'll never dismantle the master's house by using the master tools and to that end i don't think i'll ever achieve indigenous sovereignty through the colonial government. Let's put you. Don't i mean you see. Politics is a way of changing things but not through the system that exists right now getting that straight. Yeah yeah. I think yeah. The system is inherently flawed. And working within it. I don't know. I'm not convinced that that's the best way to use one skills. And what is the conversation that non-indigenous people should be having that. What would you tell. The rest of us is to how we should regard indigenous issues. When we're casting that vote. I mean i think the election time is just one time of many where non-indigenous people who claim or want to have ally ship with indigenous people to put you know Their money where their mouth is. And so you can't say you support indigenous people and then show up and vote for a party. That's actively trying to make things worse for us or strip away our rights or take us back in time That is you know counter to everything people. I seem to claim a lot. These days and is not conducive to a good relationship and so i think that During election time it's important to turn to either be indigenous people in your life or the countless indigenous people online in communities who are doing advocacy work and telling us what we should be paying attention to. who should we Be looking at for leadership and a. Now's the time really to do that. And put your ally ship into action marley. There is a you giving us a lot to think about. And i really appreciate speaking with you. Thank you.

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