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Hello everybody and thank you for tuning into this special Ron Paul Liberty Record. This is the end of the year but the beginning of a new year. And I'm going to you have to co host today of course Chris Rose Zini will be with me as well as and you'll make out them's and we'll Just talk about what happened to pass some of our opinions about that and also talk about what we anticipate for the New Year we don't claim perfection perfection in our predictions but Our concerns basically over the years of Born out to be pretty accurate in that Some of the policies that we have. Yeah it isn't so much that we know what's going to happen as we are aware of the fact that certain policies You know lead to certain consequences and of course our our goal has been to try to warn people and if anybody's listening in the government to warn the government that want to change some of these policies were having so much trouble so You know from the current economic viewpoint when you listen to the media. It's been the most fantastic year ever The economy's being good good and And if you were going to measure our foreign policy by bodybags People would claim you know. Things aren't aren't like the nineteen sixties So But I want to go over that but I want to start with Chris for us For him to give us a bit of an opinion about what he the season the economy and what we can expect and and where we go from here Chris. Thank you Dr Paul very much For Twenty Twenty Definitely concern turn is the word I would use and I'll start with the most obvious and that would be the election at the end of the year and I fear that the reaction to the election will not be Not like before. Hopefully I'm wrong about that but A because as of the The intense emotion that has been force Fed To the American people and has been embraced by at least one side aid It's the left I'm talking about Fear that The reaction will not be good and they already seeing that Russia's already to blame and we're not even close to November so they already have that lineup and the concern is not so much with the election itself but what happens after and ah then what happens after that because governments react when there is civil unrest and that's when they tend to capitalize and grab ab more power for themselves. Take away our liberty and it's always a mask the in the words temporary emergency but as we we all know in the libertarian world that there's nothing more permanent than a temporary emergency law so that's my first concern. My second would be the financial intial Aspect and Dr Paul and I cover that at least once a week and we pointed out there were the biggest financial bobber bubble able to ever exist. The Federal Reserve is doing exactly the wrong thing. They're pumping money faster than they did in the first Qe we have crushing debts everywhere and all aspects of life whether it be government Corporations personal everybody is swimming in debt and You know financial crisis itself. It breeds anger when it com when it happens and people seek revenge against those who they believed did this to them mm-hmm now who they believe. And who actually did this to them or often Not the same people but it will go the way it goes and again. This provides another excuse for government to make things even worse whether it be through price controls rationing capital controls of. That's when they squeeze the hardest is when there's crisis and Finally there's with Dr Paul and Daniel talk about the most of the week and that is war and There are some any tinderbox is out there the US is literally involved. It's everywhere and it's it's really a grab bag if they WANNA war that's probably the easiest thing that they can do. It's probably easier to start in a financial crisis because because they're just everywhere and as Dr Paul and Daniel have explained. You know the tactic of the powers behind the throne the neo uh-huh cons is to maneuver the president. No matter who he is and they don't care what his views are whether he doesn't want war whether he wants they want to maneuver him into a position to where they checkmate him to wear. His only options is to choose war. And you know when you look at What's happening special the even today? You know things appear to be moving in that direction. So concern is My My word for twenty twenty and when there is turbulent times you know it provides opportunity Obviously Libertarians WanNA capitalize. But but there's also the other side we have The power globalist sir. What they're called these days and it's you know globalist they have that name today but it's really nothing new because if you look throughout all history conquerors? They've always wanted to have their ideas. Whatever they happen to be to conquer the world old so you know there? There will be people that will try to capitalize from the power perspective but they can't ultimately in our view get what they want which is total control because there are infinite variables when it comes to natural phenomena and humans are by nature unpredictable all. We are unique in how we perceive the world and how we choose to act by what we perceive we learn and all of this stuff cannot be predicted with precision decision. So that's why globalist can't succeed. No matter how hard they try and how many thousands of years they try but they can cause a lot of problems and a lot of destruction. And that's where we libertarians. Come in because our ideas I believe are in line with human nature. We accept the world as it is that it's uncertain unpredictable. And we believe in that environment the ideas of nonaggression volunteerism. That's the way to go. And that's the way to peace Jason Prosperity. They're very good Chris very well sad. Now we'RE GONNA go to Daniel and hear his assessment on how things are going and we'll try to find out whether he's GonNa be an optimist for next year or cautiously Warning us of what's come Daniel. Go ahead thanks very much. Talk to Paul. You know look back over. Twenty nineteen and the news has been dominated of course by Russia gate which then more from to Ukraine Gate And that made the headlines. Because that's what the media wants to report. They wanted to report for the first half of the year. That trump You know is only in power because the Russians Ocean's put him in power and he colluded with them and then the Muller report came and it pulled the rug out from the entire thesis and you would have thought they would have gone home with their tails between their legs but no they're they're much more than much more shameless than that so when it turns out that not only was trump not colluding looting with the Russians to get elected But the the the the the the claim that the Russians interfered in the election this famous intelligence elgin community assessment of twenty seventeen. What we found out this year which is so important is that it wasn't worth scrap paper that it was printed on because this great great intelligence community assessment? Was John Brennan getting together a couple of guys in a room saying hey. I need a report telling us that. The Russians interfered with the election and they essentially admitted handpicked analysts. And that's why the the the NSA was was was did not give it a good housekeeping seal of approval even as it was advertised but again they they didn't It didn't stop there stride. They moved right into Ukraine. Gay In that you know eventually ended up in the impeachment or or the semi impeachment or whatever it is nobody knows what it is of president trump and Y. You Know Dr Paul you and I and I know Chris. We watched the the proceedings with some amusement in some discussed probably a lot of discussed And and the entire the entire raid. proved one one point. which is that? The deep state is still very strongly in charge of foreign policy Trump seems to be absolutely impotent. Incapable of of doing any kind battle with the deep state Never know crimes that were brought up and even Democrats had to admit there were no climb that they had to talk about obstruction. An abuse of power nor the president does that And it turns out witness after witness came up to witness against trump. They didn't spend any crime. What they said is hey? He was trying to change our policy towards Ukraine. He can't do that. Who Does he think he is? You know so this is what it was all about. But trump you know he's hapless. You just never gets it. I don't know what the problem is if he's just not interested in this stuff If you do rallies rather than do policy but you know gentlemen as we sit here the US embassy Is under attack in Baghdad. trump in his usual way gets the whole old thing long. He's listening to the wrong people. He's loosening the POMPEII or telling him. Hey it's all Iran. It's all there on and he just tweeted out this morning. The Iranians are attacking our embassy So he's He's sleepwalking us into another war The reason that the Iraqis are mad or attacking our embassies the the US bombed Some Iraqi government troops The the The the paramilitary units that were actually ironically weekly and we talked about this yesterday on the frontlines fighting isis the US decided that they needed to be bombed And so that's what the Iraqis are mad. And they're also sick of having us in our country. Yeah but then he'll cons around trump turn it around and he's now claiming that Iran is responsible which I guess brings me to my closing in this particular segment of what we're doing. Which is the twenty twenty election? And I think you know it's pretty easy to call it for up simply because his oppositionist so weak and so much worse than then he is my one. Caveat would be if trump does take the neo-con bait and lead us into this war lead us into Iraq war three point. ooh which is actually a war on Iran if that happens then I'd say all bets raw because the Democrats might actually wake up. Of course. They won't believe it but then they pretend that that they're anti war if trump stumbles us into another dumb war so he he's he's in very very shaky territory right now. He's listening to the wrong. The people the people that are telling lies they lied us into Iraq. They're still lying and we'll see I'm not very optimistic. That trump has the ability to think through who this very well very good you know. And then if you add onto this possibility of a sharp downturn in the economy before the election He will I have some problems but I wanNA talk about an issue. I talked about for a long time. Matter of fact motivated me who didn't involved in politics because I thought it was very significant that has to do with the issue of money monetary policy and. I want to very briefly. Go through what I see as history of sound money. Verses is the Fiat money but you know the the sound money golden silver the precious metals came about in a natural way came out of the marketplaces. And when it was scene is money governments eventually wanted to have a monopoly over this and then they would do this issue currency and And actually get control of it so they could abuse it and create it or fool the people and that started a long time ago. But you know subsequently in more reason history And the history the street. I looked out when I got interested in politics. And talking about this issue was the fact that the reserve was created in nineteen thirteen. Gold was twenty twenty dollars an ounce and since then in the systematic attack on the value of the currency and this was absolutely necessary In order to to finance the welfare warfare state. And that's what we're talking about. The economic policies of spending no concerns for the deficits and And it is the coalition and That between right and live Republicans Democrats to spend more money by using the The monetary system you know the Fed came Mindy existence in nineteen thirteen but you know in a short period of time of of twenty years bring the FBI. They would take the gold from all the American people you know because because of the policies that the Great Depression and they figure well if this gold business and we need to print a lot of money so it didn't take long time to undermine that principle well in in this past century but then again the The system required that we making Justin after world. War Two you and We had gold. And we were spared a lot of the damage my World War Two and Lo and behold we came up with a new policy one thousand nine hundred forty four which we orchestrated along with the help of some other countries that would have some benefits in one thousand nine hundred forty four. They started the woods agreement. which man we? It had a gold reserve currency to the dollar is to be as good as gold and we would guarantee that thirty five dollars an ounce which was a hoax but it conveyed confidence in the dollar so so that gave us license to print and run up and and expand our empire without was not going to be long lasting and from the very beginning we many and people knew it would fail and Lo and behold it was a big event in in August fifteen in August nineteen seventy-one the Bra would sell apart and that was the day that really stirred my interest because I event was predictable. Happened in the whole thing collapse. The whole idea of gold at thirty five dollars an hour for the far ars before you knew it was up to eight.

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