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Time to write. As many as we could, and we came up with about 25 or 30. So what I would do is leave the deeper pools for later. Good. Well, but then somebody could get that deep pool while your weight. Well, if they do you cross it off, but that you hope that they don't want you want to pick the low hanging fruit first that these guys are, But anyway, the point was, we won that round bys. And you know what? It was my last one standing was I was down to me and one other guy. Me and two other guys actually was Barrows and barrels really funny, But I had this tucked away in my hip pocket. Polly and this is for the North Bay crowd. Man. Nevado High School Hornet, Mike Morocco. Ski once started a game for the Niners, and it was on and that's been something. If you grew up in Marin of the North Bay, it was always a point of pride. And so that one I knew. And it was. It was the ace I put on the table. What year? Was he? What you were 86 You say you're 85 86. It was during the year Joe got had the surgery and all that right. So we won that one. But then the problem was, then the Lexx lighting round was Jersey numbers, and I was like, Oh, can we get Polly on the night and I said, guys, I'm not that good. But Jeff Cargoes, Murph, You're the man. You're doing it. You want our quarterback? One Jeff. Sounds just like Dwight. He got the North Carolina. He does? Yes. Yeah. So Jeff goes no more. If you're doing it you're doing it was like, OK, guys and Paul Not only did I miss Delany, but Mohr embarrassingly for me. We're in the final three. And I missed Joe the Jet Perry, I quickly What would you say for Joe the jet? Perry, do you know Um I confused him with Jimmy. John, Wait a minute. Let me think about your head. They say that you don't have time to have to. Ah, heaven 37 is Jimmy Johnson. Good? Yeah, I I just super supremely confident. Lee said 35 no problem. I knew we got that one. It was 34. Damn. It was 34 years. This frustrated. What happened was the next two guys left. They missed theirs. Yeah, so we had to come back to me again because all three of us missed and he goes, okay. Murph Delaney Walker, and that's when at wires crossed in my head and I just did. What did you say? You write down my shirt really quick to Paula answered in a nanosecond. I said 86 Now, you know, he was first digit. Got me? Yeah. So well done, Polly. Till by the way, Walker did anybody only because this is my favorite is one of my favorite trivia Niner questions of all time because it's so bizarro when you guys were doing the quarterback thing and kicking it around the horn did any. They wouldn't pull out my favorite quarterback in Niner history. Chris Weinke. He did. Yes, we did We go. Oh, really? Yeah, the ones that really surprised me that I had forgotten. And I'm glad other guys named of idiot. I had forgotten Steve Stenstrom. Yeah. Yeah, And I also had forgotten tie Demmer. Hi, Det. Mor. Yeah, he was around for a little bit. Some of the ones that were named the big controversy was Matt Mayo Cruz. You know the dean of the beat, he said Billy Kilmer and it turns out Kilmer never started at quarterback for the Niners. He was listed as a halfback. Yeah, And so Matty was. It was really funny, Matt barrels of one of the last guys in and he was adding names. He didn't have any. So he started speaking in in broken Sounds. They go mad Barrows Europe because that And they're like man perils waiting. Here goes. I said, Yeah. Yeah, They're like, wait, Matt, And then he hit mute on his on his thing and started gesticulating wildly was here. He was working a comedy, but it's good. It's good. It's very good. But probably some of the deep Poles were, for example, Brian Hoyer. Some people might have forgotten. Oh, yeah. Ah, Jim Plunkett. As I said, Jeff Bram, can I get you know what Polly so funny? You say that Yeah, Nobody said Jeff brought Do not ride with the Bram. What was really funny was I remembered him Sunday morning. I was in the refrigerator looking for something just popped in my head. Yeah, I texted. Ah copes. I said, I don't think any of us said Jeff Prom, did we? And perhaps, but, yeah. Druckenmiller was one I would imagine. Yeah, And then, of course, that whole slew of Jack Jeff Camp Steve Bono. Yeah, You know that whole crew, right? Some of the Matt Cavanaugh. How about Musgrave? Can I get a Musgrave lost grave was not matches. Come on. Now, see? So I'm gonna pull out of Musgrave your back, buddy. You're back. But Jeff Clarke said after we're throwing Jeff Cargoes, how come nobody said y a tittle. I was like, Do we forgot a light? That's bad essay and him. Somebody said Brody, I assume, yes, but it was good. But you did. You scored on on Musgrave. And it was the second one. You said there I said, must grave. I said Graham, you know, from all those guys anyway, it was fun. The rest of the weekend was notable. Polly. Notable all big time. Very notable. Yeah, lot of ah, a lot of newsworthy. Going on. Did you wake up to this news this morning about the vaccine? No, actually, I don't see any vaccine news What you got for me breaking news right now. Drugmaker Pfizer announces this morning that in early analysis of its Corona vaccine trials suggest the vaccine was robustly effective in preventing cove in 19. And it says that has more than 90% effective and that they can get out. Ah phew! They can have 15 to 20 million out by the end of the year. Beautiful. Oh, it's huge news there. So let's get this going. This is rocking like the cunt this rock in the world here. Problem is Polly. 15 to 20 million is nice. There's seven billion people in the world. That's Yeah. How do you start? Who gets it first, But, yeah, this is huge. It's breaking all over the place. If you're just waking up. That's good news. That visor has the first breakthrough with the vaccine. Some of those guys sorrows employees over there. Five. You're going to get some Christmas bonuses this year. How is your work here? Pretty good. We just We just came up with the vaccine for covert. Yeah, which is a bonus for $5 billion. That's right. Hopefully. Hopefully it's not a Ah Giant's pocket schedule either for that, Teo go got hammers all over me. He wants me to do something for his Anyway. What I need your Murph. Don't make any plans on New.

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