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Why you grow related to it today and this is this is this is this is an incredible show right i like this i just got surly when i was a kid i the kerry country club gary indiana we have no money cited katty so for the first time in my life i belong your country club i just had a guy tell me out of puk my shirt and i'm like oh i'm quite sure to check in with guys like drove up i was assured i say because we were on the air but damn when i'm getting ready to play golf rump i basket take assured outlets ever swaying let's go heck's going on around here what i one like that that's why i noticed no data amount in my mind that the member guest radio go on that deal i was practising today the this these squared the smart money is going on my guy these square got the candy kappler needs it i've got the scott report on the course he's played a course that he even puts the post low number the get the putter working just a little bit these squared might be cash shouldn't i'm just saying i'm just a double d has already i've already budgeted money i'm going to win off the suckers this weekend because um it's already in the budget uh so yeah they got a pro i got the right handicapping the right course dangerous dangerous gum you don't get anywhere else like the courtside podcasts the best down you don't get this information just anywhere you agree jewish i i would agree and i out also encourage people to use the hashtag students section if they want this kind of great analysis which goes off the rails and that's a a hashtags section because id allies getting lonely they're sitting in the stands all by himself wondering if he's storm the floor not eat some other people to join a new can do so by using the hashtag students section guys before we go i wanna remind you to subscribe to our show on the espn act on apple podcast or anywhere else you prefer to access podcast.

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