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The nuts at the time I was just so like. I, don't WanNa. Use Young as an excuse, but maybe naive thinking okay well canes do, and all this I'll just backlash. Okay, right? At that that wrestlemainia moment where you're like maybe next, it'll be a triple threat. I'm just like okay I'll. That's up to you know something will happen there. Singular moments are still big spots right so right so I'm not like only girl get kicked to the balls to me. Thinking Oh my God wrestlemainia last guy so thinking like that so but. When all this stuff wasn't turning around, where wasn't leading to something? That's when I should like. Knocked up door. It's like hey, what's going on here. Right I at the time because I still let some gratis still sell emerge so popular people still work working my ass up bust. My ass I should have said something. That's on me so I. Like you were Berry. Listen anyone buried anybody? I buried myself because I didn't. Knock on the door and asked why I wasn't. Maybe I was scared enough or not mad. Enough I didn't do it so i. believe me nobody else. And maybe they were waiting for anyway, maybe they will. Maybe they was all just you know if he wanted this bad. Who? Never, be one of those people who says this person helped me down or this person. Talk on my back or this person Barry me listen. I had the opportunity to stand up for myself and I didn't yeah, that's on me. Do you have a that's it yeah? When it comes to the age thing yes, yes. I, even think to this year what I'm. What thirty five right here thirty five. I think people not just me I think. People looked at whoever got into the business in the at that age I think people still to your your question still viewed as twenty one twenty two year old kid, right? Not, you're. Right. Grail right when I saw in the locker room different era. I understand you know back in my day all that BS different era. There's guys like you know jbl highly taker Ben Watt different era. You're not you're walking in from developmental. You're not allowed in the locker room you to earn your spot, right? You know what I'm saying. You need to earn respect. Then go ask if you're allowed right. It's not like that now, and that's fine. Not Saying one way is better than the other. Yeah, right when I started. Okay, there's all these big jacked up, guys. It's probably one of the guys roster now one of the biggest. Yeah. It's crazy. Yeah, still I'm still viewed as like this little kid, right? When I'm a thirty five year old man. Yes, do I have the toy show? Yes, but I think also the whole world has changed in that regard. A love down yeah yeah. Are you going to that? Two thousand seven locker with my husband. Shop. As supposed to last year off, look legit went to to restore brought it in. It was like in the locker room, and I would say like ninety five percent of the boys like Oh my God I had so cool where you get that I, remember getting this. My birthday or Christmas different era. Here's here's when you know. It's a different era. When it was like official to the world that it's a different era when you guys get ambrose on the podcast talking about toy memories, I'm like that that says everything. Dude. Ones better than the other right, but listen this. This generation of guys are all my age around my age. When when we start hawk, as I was so fortunate to get so lucky, get signed so early. These guys didn't grow up with with figures. We play with their HASBRO figures, yeah. In groping wrestling buddies. Cheats I think that grow up that I think that that's a big difference that like. Degeneration that we are, is that first generation that saw wrestlers as superheroes. You had he man and Ninja Turtles and WWF and that was what you grew up with. Yes ours. Yeah ice cream. You name it. I bought it. My generation had it earliest knew what it was right right right I don't blame the generation before not getting it right. Totally let's I. Don't think what I do. What I collect is like quote. Normal I can see if someone walks into my toy room and sees thousands of action. Verbs play I can understand why people don't get it I get that. Right, but I think it's more accepted now, not just in WWe, but in pop culture in life it's a society you go to these kamikaze to accommodates. It's madness. People like scalper tickets to get in. Wait in a line to get a raffle ticket to maybe by a piece of merchandise. Yeah. It's nuts. I've watched people I mean. They sit there and they camp out. So they can sit in a hall all day long, so you can watch a movie trailer. The by the way will be on youtube after the con- like right after right like that day. You want to watch it, but you gotta be, and you've got to be a part of it. You got to be a part of one of those people. In? My my happens to be the toys collectibles I. I'm not into video games. I grew out of it like sixty four got too hard for me. Retired consuming. But I never I. Don't know why I just never grew out of the toys. Yeah, I mean. I'm the same way. I said I go through that time period where I was embarrassed. Sure Right, I would go to toys. R. US and get gift receipts because I didn't want the cashier. Mind these toys. It'd be the worst when the cashier who that was like. Especially when you guys were right around the same age like it was like a girl that was right around the same ages you and she was like. Do you want a gift receipt and you're of course I do. Of course I WANNA. Give received like what am I going to say? No I don't WanNa give these are for me. Definitely, WANNA give recede I. Don't I'm not going to bring these home and open them up right away? That's ridiculous. I remember when I was in college like all my figures were by bedroom. Look normal, but if you opened up my closet doors, they were all in there like on display. I DUDE! Hit It! Do I. Remember being in Syria, it's like. My whole house is. Anywhere you go, you can see something picking another. You'll see yeah, yeah, I mean now. Now it's everywhere. I'm explaining to my kids. What the differences between their toys and dad's toys like it's a whole thing, but I'm the same way I remember in. Syracuse is in college like right when the classic superstars started and The classic tag teams came out Rockers Legion of doom, and I was like all, because that first series of classic tag teams was Amazing Rockers Heart Foundation Legion of doom, and I was on the wrestling wrestling message boards.

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