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The markets every 15 minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg I guess in P futures down 64 points down features down 409 and asda futures down 243 ten year treasury down 1630 seconds yield 3.19% and a yield on the two year 2.70% and nimesh crude oil is falling down 1.8% Nathan Karen looks like more of the same as we enter this new trading week Stocks slumping in the dollar is trading at a two year high as the fed's aggressive tightening path and China's COVID lockdowns hit the economic outlook Steve Brown is senior portfolio manager at American century investment management The fed's going to continue to raise rates to get the results they want And I think one of the after effects of their rate hikes will be a slowdown in GDP in the second half of the year in the United States as well as a reduction in earnings estimates for many companies within the S&P 500 American century Steve Brown notes the S&P 500s coming off its 5th straight weekly drop That's the longest losing streak since 2011 While Nathan there was heavy selling in Asia overnight Japan's nikkei dropped two and a half percent while stocks in Hong Kong plunged 3.8% We get the recap from Bloomberg's Juliet Sally in Singapore good morning Juliet Good morning Karen Chan is unsure yuan slid past 6.7 to the dollar for the first time since 2020 amid data showing stagnating imports in the slowest export growth in dollar terms since the pandemic premier lika Chung warned about the employment situation as Beijing and Shanghai Titan virus cubs sending stocks lower Australia's dollar slumped against the greenback testing 70 U.S. cents Indonesian stocks fell the most since November 2020 as markets reopened after the weeklong aid holiday in Singapore Juliette sali Bloomberg daybreak All right Julia thank you We now turn to the war in Europe As Russia's invasion of Ukraine enters its tenth week president Vladimir Putin is presiding over his annual display of military might on Moscow's red square Let's get the very latest from Bloomberg's Ewan Potts Good morning Ewan Good morning Nathan Russia's president has justified his war in Ukraine as a battle comparable to the fight against Nazi Germany as Putin's faltering ten week old military action rumbles on He's been speaking at Russia's annual victory day celebration on Moscow's red square This year's display included 11,000 troops and weaponry including tanks air defense systems and nuclear missile launches This year foreign leaders were not invited in London I'm your impart Bloomberg daybreak All right you and thank you Beck here in the U.S. the government is adding more sanctions on Russia including a ban on American accounting and consulting firms and Bloomberg states Baxter has the story The measures also include new export controls on industrial goods limits on three of Russia's top state controlled TV stations and additional Visa restrictions Now the accounting part imposes the first sanctions on Gazprom bank encompassing 27 sanctions It is a first there because the U.S. was afraid of disrupting oil shipments but now that the G 7 has approved cutting those shipments it decided to go ahead In San Francisco I met Baxter Bloomberg daybreak All right Ed thank you President Biden is also working on his political agenda back home He is about to make high-speed Internet more widely available across the United States even for households that normally can't afford it Amy Morris has details from our Bloomberg 99 one newsroom in Washington It is part of the infrastructure law that passed last year 20 Internet providers including AT&T Comcast and Verizon agreed to offer high-speed connections at essentially no cost to millions of low income households Sources tell Bloomberg news some companies will drop the prices of existing plans others will raise their speed The companies were offered anything and they won't get additional government funding The government is also launching a website called get Internet dot gov to get more people involved in the program President Biden will formally announce the plan today In Washington I made me more as Bloomberg daybreak All right Amy thank you while staying in Washington now It looks like the U.S. government had a record tax hall this spring Some of the credit goes to the surge in individual stock trading by Americans According to Treasury Department data tax collection since it started the fiscal year in October are running at a record high of some 43% over the same period in 2019 That's surpassed Wall Street and is helping to shrink the budget deficit Well tax collections go up Karen So does the price of gas In fact the average price of regular grade gasoline jumped 15 cents over the past two weeks to $4 and 38 cents per gallon industry analyst lundberg says that's a dollar 36 higher than it was a year ago nationwide the average the highest average price for regular grade is in the San Francisco Bay Area 5 85 a gallon All right Nathan well another former Trump administration official is telling all about the inner workings of The White House Former defense secretary Mark Esper said he prevented a dangerous things from happening during his time at The Pentagon like attacking Venezuela and blockading Cuba Esper says president Trump even suggested military action closer to home The president pulls me aside on at least a couple occasions and suggests that maybe we have the U.S. Military shoot missiles into Mexico Shoot missiles into Mexico for what He would say to go after the cartels Former defense secretary Mark Esper tells CBS 60 minutes the former president told him no one would know the attack came from the U.S. Trump responded to Esper's claim in a statement writing quote no comment Listeners in the Washington area can hear 60 minutes every Sunday Night at ten on Bloomberg 99 one And a programming note this morning Karen please join us on.

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