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It's happened. Exactly. Once in my career that was Mr. Bundy he had gone to law school. This wasn't so far fetched for him to be in a courtroom. And so instead of being the guy in the orange jump. Suit who looked like that crazy serial killer suspect, he was the lawyer guy lawyer representing self has a fool for a client. And I want to caution you about that. But I'm not going to deny you that. Right. It's the ideal stage for Ted Bundy p self-assured he thinks he can manipulate and convince a jury through his charm and good looks that he couldn't have possibly committed these crimes. Every day during the trial courtroom was filled some reporters, but mostly spectators, a number of them were young women. Who are I think just drawn to the allure of seeing this guy on trial. Carol Boone was one of the constant personalities. Carol Boone actually met on the back in his Washington state days. So she knew him before any of these things happen. She was his advocate. She called him bunny. She was affected towards him literally sort of pulls her into his web convinces her. He's not guilty. Your conclusion is what that he did not commit the murders in Washington state that he did not abduct Carol ranch that he did not murder or of duct any of the other women in Utah that he did not kill Karen Campbell that he did not commit the crimes kind of mega in Lake City or on Dunwoody street, Tallahassee was a true believer. And she wanted everybody else to have. The same conviction that he was not guilty person. I called the Ray crew the Floresta university police department to kind of set the scene of what he saw whenever he got to the cow mega house up until then Mr. Bundy had led his lawyers cross examined the other witnesses. And for some reason Mr. bunion decided that he wanted to crossing salmon officer crew. Bunnies. Cross examination in my mind was the determining factor in the case. He asked him to describe indie tale this horrific crime scene. Describe what you saw. As much detail. Call. She was live basically faced down. There was considerable amount of love around her head mad at her hair on the walls. And there was a palpable reaction in the courtroom and amongst jury when he did that. What? Docking netted around her neck as I was describing her injuries in the blood his grip on the lectern tightened up. His breathing became shallow, and sped up and his eyes actually got a little bit larger. I had the distinct impression that he was precariously reliving it and enjoy it was so chilling. It was sickening. As the trial went into its final week Bundy claimed he didn't know how he got caught up in the web of crimes the week began with the prosecution introducing evidence to prove that Ted Bundy was the man seen by an eyewitness leaving the scene of the crime. That Ted bundy's hair matched hairs found in a penny. Hose mask that a bite. Mark left on one of the victims could have been made only by Ted Bundy. Evidence was both new and unorthodox and compelling in the trial. Defendant was cool and collected throughout most of the trial minutes before the verdict was returned Bundy told ABC news and a telephone interview that he was prepared for the worst. Verdicts. State of Florida versus. Defendant the door Monday as to council the indictment murder in the first degree of one Margaret Bowman guilty as charged. Ted's ultimately, convicted, basically all the charges. The jury recommends he gets death. The judging gives death was further ordered that on such scheduled that you'd be put today. After the Kyle mega trial ended. And he was convicted in those murders. He was then facing a new trial. The second trial was over the kidnapping and murder Kimberly Leach, which occurred in Lake City, Florida. It was a very compelling circumstantial evidence case, and in my opinion, much stronger than the case in Miami..

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