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And then, of course, all of the murders that have been happening particularly in Dallas. and so. So it was important to go to those specific areas to see how to bolster the effort. Now I knew I didn't want to go in. Working for this National Organization saying that I had the answers I don't have the answer. y'All have even how the Black Trans Woman I don't have the answer I'm not from New Orleans. I'm not from Louisiana I'm from Georgia, a southern woman, but it's a completely different context and nobody knows better than the per people legal who are actually like resident there. But it was about US having these resources that we could at least build a space for folks that come together to delve and political education. What are these systems of oppression plaguing at 'cause I believe that I believe political education. Okay. But also what are the ways that people are figuring out how to survive and how can we share those ways with each other and then what are the products y'all work in currently the GIACOBBE supporting each other better I am and so out of that space, of course, like house of to love now. A, you know a couple of things went. So making half to love the success that it is right now. But part of it was some of those initial connections happening with like Mariah more and McCall. Milan Nicole, sairy right and also supporting Wendy Cooper another local advocate a new orleans. Legend in your alleged. Yes. Who Was Leading the cans can't stand campaign and so that space in a way. Broad I think more of the the girls and to her orbit. So it was. And also, just ahead, just the chance for for folks break bread with each other to love on each other if the hard conversation that you know when the girl need to have with somebody else you know. In that save space and then go out and do the work ones that weekend summit with over. And so I was so grateful to be able to found and build the initial framework for it with authorities equality. Fellowship. And then be able to really. Gifted and a sense to some of the other powerful black organizers who made the the later iterations, possible Maki Bradford, and Atlanta we away back and of course, Mariah more and Kayla Gore now. So so it lives on at. Teahouse. I think it. Would Their Trans Agenda that I was introduced to? In Creating chains I hear the voice that coming up and they were talking about how you know the work that she was doing world has really led to the you know the shift in culture. In regards to what they will focus on and so I think that's beautiful. I think that we all are doing that culture ticking. And you know I just wanted to highlight that. You started off before that you started off as a rioted and you are writer, but you know that was your. Your Your. Needs. Correct me if I'm wrong into movement work riding, right Well kind of it's a complicated story. So so yeah I, before I winced TLC I was working in the media industry but I was working on things that are completely unrelated in general science graduated from College I. I actually freelance for bed. It was kind of difficult to find because I was black on. Yeah. I had a college degree but I had no connection right now and so I freelance for bed. Move that is really important people people. All over people's air so much. Agree just having all these things we have to have connections with people. When we go out here and we try to make stuff happen if we don't have the connections, we don't have them and they're not going to happen that's part of. Like, you make the make connection. Thought you are looking into this and you have connections and you see Black Trans Women out. You're trying to do the work because I know as an executive director Joe is some things I'm like I happy selection to make this happen. You're asking me why I've been this. Why didn't do that and it's like, I didn't have a connection I I couldn't get the invite. I couldn't get the invites the this this dacians that'll will by only or to do the work that I know is important over year we didn't have the match and so it's really really important. That both the Mexicans are important and if you have them. Help US maker, yeah it's true. You know and I, and so I didn't have professional connections but I also was leaving an environment where. I was the only openly Black Trans Women on campus. I did not know another actions woman. Who with open about her identity? Rarely before. Before I moved to Atlanta. At twenty. Three twenty four. You know. So I also have community connection side and even. Even I didn't even look at the nonprofit world is option until I. Made It. So Atlanta and so. I worked at this small newspaper where I actually would like Staus for like a about a year and a half almost. was out as clear with night outage Tran. And was working on a very small how a conservative town I mean that's like. The our life pre trump. Palin. Hunting they in the back yard. Toss enough hammers to knock a nail into a wooden. Like, that the kind of like college and first job experience I had. and. So when I? Left that space 'cause. I just it felt like this. It also felt like something was getting closer and closer to me way I was going to be ousted like something was going to happen and I also just got really weird message does sometimes one-timer Guy Guy Fan I know your secret don't worry I won't tell anyone but it's like. Okay but why are you telling me how this Mesa you know like it's like that kind of weirdness style that was happening while the Movement for Black Lives was really starring popoff. And I, wrote. I roll the things that I wouldn't right but I had to write them as they didn't implicate me. Especially, the LGBTQ issues saw I mean I can't even say I was a feminist in that space without getting hate mail. So. Yes. That long story short. So that was my first job experience and then. I started working at how stuff works, which was a media company, but it was an Atlanta based than it wasn't. It wasn't really conservative, but the work that they were doing wasn't connected to any of the movement stuff that I was starting to to be more and more interested in and see myself and. and I just remembered there was. The death of Leila alcorn there with the death of another. Another Black Schramm I've black man black seth man at the hands of police don't even remember who because there was so many during that time period and I went to work the each of those days and it was just business as usual and I was like I cannot be in spaces where. This y'all get to operate of doesn't matter. And Yeah and then I started doing more work with. Community Tony Michelle. Williams was leading this entire program at snap cow and so I went in as an entire like while I had my day job out get off and then they'll be an internist APCOA and that kind of. Brought me more fully in some movement was that when our you where you doing when I'm actually An. Anti Right. The we mean. We met at Trans are fit car. Oh no actually maybe yeah. Actually. That was like twenty fifteen years. Yeah. Yeah. Actually. Yeah I it was you and Mickey be out had. We we had. We were. Present time, which was a bodybuilding competition for. Trans men that neo founded in I was part of the organised or organizing that particular year and we had We were doing a show and want the the models didn't show up and you making. Matt and Basically. That's how I met both the out. And I house staying yeah y'all okay. I'm remembering this now. Yeah. I was but I also was the organizer to. Endow. We were some babies that we our house. died in clashes. Like we. Do not. have. Battle. K. and I was like, oh It was like Oh..

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