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Work with them black listing them if you will stop talking about who's right who's right and let's get to a point where we can sit down and brainstorming no word yet from the fans and what they think joe ruebel news ninety six five w db out three people from orlando are looking at up to twenty years in prison for a scheme helping hundreds of on documented immigrants work and the construction industry taxfree an indictment says the suspects ranted their workers compensation insurance policy to contractors in central florida and this allowed hundreds of an document immigrants to work without paying taxes the scare saying the company that the got caught out of every paycheck in exchange for it service this south korea's military says a missile launch by north korea maybe it teaser ahead of china scheduled meeting with president trump tomorrow at mara lado state secretary rex still or send released a brief are sponsored north korea really wants is the one on one with the united states without aging involved at least when it comes to new clear issues pass us of ministry she's have rejected north koreas demand for direct talks choosing to keep the neighboring countries involved in the form of six party talks that but that has proved ineffective as north korea smith took acknowledge in nuclear weapons capability have advanced added alarming rate two he chilling dc news still south this may seems to be ready to start building again dolan fest i'm not look next several hotels with at caught in hollywood studios the company filing permits forgone goal is that will can decked connect rather pop century art of and i'm a should and the caribbean beach resorts to both epcot and hollywood studios they're expected be done in time for the new star worse land that opens in twenty nineteen stuff.

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