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Whatever it is that you want to do it the days of you having to actually worry about income are over because that is one less thing you have to think about because you've been able to make a consistent profit from your real estate business. And what the prophet. You've reinvest it and you become rich again. Richest merely where your money works for you. You know agree to work for your money and some of you. That might be five thousand a month. Seven thousand ten thousand a month so get your ego out of the way because if you have a repulsion to the word rich that's another that your ego reacting right so understand that as you get older you're actually going to become wiser provided you've allowed yourself the opportunity to load new software if you have not yet done so if you're still basically latching onto software that's remnant code from decades ago. That's the reason that you're a lot of. You're having problems staying focused not knowing what to do not knowing what direction to go still thinking. Your software still saying pay attention to social network. You need to be famous. You need to be brand. You need to know. now come on now. You've been down that road before you know that does not actually generate any income it might generate revenue but it does not generate profit. So be clear about what you really want and realize that ultimately your ego is at the heart of what's holding you back in a lot of these you know what should be very easy to make decisions and there's a great book written by a really good friend of ours They are called either the enemy ryan holiday and julian i did. I don't even know what ninety minutes to our interview. One of my favorite ones on youtube. You guys can listen to that from that. we did. In austin are two years ago maybe but listen to. It's on youtube. And i really drilled out. Miss asthma's may tough questions could think of. And of course he did awesome holiday but in the meantime do get his book ego. Is the enemy alright. So point number. Eleven julie harris. Yes be very clear. What your product is so pop quiz on asking all of you write down. What is your product now. Some of you guys are writing down. Great customer service and you're writing down copy clients and all of that's true but what your actual product. What is the result of that so guys. This is a really important question because agents are really confused about this and business. Owners in general are really confused about this. What is your product right down. Julie just asked write it down. What is it happy. Customers see said in an obvious answer. Obviously we've asked this question live a billion times so we know what most agents will say they'll say sold houses they'll say transactions. They'll say all these different answers but what they're not getting to the true product. They're supposed to be focused on. Is profit again. Prophet is one of those words that if you feel a repulsion to the word whatsoever is because you don't understand that a prophet is the lifeblood of what it takes to be financially free. That's what you must have if you're not driven essentially if you don't have any profit driven prophet focused profit first business. You're not going.

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