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The people so the they're not there now so no one's making money and then i get twenty dollars per person who get vaccinated. That doesn't even cover and half an hour our time. I'm just saying we're not making no money. There's no money be made. The rollout is is just similar to the testing. This is not an economic driver for people. This is about saving lives. And that's one thing. I do appreciate okay so that may be a boat. The boat yeah a myth and a bonus that these drug companies want to push these drugs instead of having people eat fruits vegetables and exercise and maintain healthy lifestyles. So maybe that that is something else that people can consider as that. Nobody's making you money. Ceo's are making billions of dollars. It's the stock market has got the stock market. Got these company's gotta be investing in that. I don't know anything about the stock market. 'cause i am a public health official but maybe i need to hang out with a finance guy so he could teach me something about the stock market because that whole game stopping have meet my head spinning. I try to read up on that. And i understood a little bit of it. I understand a little stock but the whole hedge fund thing is is really really very complicated in bacon backs and billionaires and then they stop it and they're talking about doing an investigation about that because robin hood which i actually have robin hood They start they stop you from being able to trade so that protects the little the the the rich instead of you know i. It's all complicated and stuff so So yeah krista saying a big farmers getting paid by taxpayers. Somebody's gotta be collecting money on this. I won't walk on the tax at the federal level getting paid. But it's not like they're getting paid and then charging for the vaccine but yes but the federal government is probably paying big pharma. Johnson johnson in in modern and all these other countries. They're not doing it for free. They're not doing it for free. No but there's definitely not What's the word that i wanna use. Say safe for example. The the federal government pay them for all these vaccines for us and then they go and turning to charge us to also buy these vaccines and then we go and then bill you. That will be insane. That's so to me you know reciprocating dipping. It's not happening. So i can back. I can buy that. But i can't buy that. These companies are just doing it for somebody has to pay for the vaccine against so again. So so yes it. Okay i don't want to belabor that point so they're they're getting to got to be getting paid from this. They gotta be getting paid out. Guess indirectly by the people not directly when you come in to get your backseat when you walk in. You won't have to give you to check. So the government is paying is paying johnson johnson madonna and other companies that you're hopefully be approved. Right now is pfizer. Madonna or the other boost up their their Johnson johnson dare Other vac medical. Think that supply or madonna or visor. Or you know you. Suddenly the your bill for something else will go up because they had to pay for that so so somewhere along the line and i'm totally convinced that rose and saying that we pay for by future future taxes. The the for for going restaurants goes up everything they eventually don't prices go up because they're in dire need of customers to eat. Their prices went my double double. I worked for his for a i. I don't eat meat. So i gotta beyond burger londoners restaurants. Seventeen dollars seventy dollars for for along with that. You can get two packs of those like at the grocery store exactly seventeen dollars for a plant based berg for plant. I'm sure right good grill meat. They do taste like real meat deal. I'm hungry. I haven't had dinner well. I haven't had upstairs so i'm gonna on mine is already set to go So give us your best pitch we we. We give best pitch as to convincing people. We've heard we've heard the you're your your your spiel. There i was i was i was reading something a little bit earlier. Talked about that the best way to convince people try to hear what they have to say. we give us your best pitch. If you're you run into a starch person that has just anti vaccine. They're worried about their kids. Oh speaking of anti vaccine people are of these anti vaccine won't get vaccines because they think about the kids get autism and all that kind of stuff you ever deal with any of that kind of stuff. Kids can aggravate anita right now. So on the vaccine is four sixteen in over eighteen over so we haven't had a lot of parents. That appearance vaccine advocates advocating against it. In said we've been accidentally inning inquiries about on when kids getting back to needed on so it's been interesting to destroy getting those questions. I think for me My message for our viewers and thank you so much for participating in In being part is conversation. I was on a vaccine to be Just this past saturday night. I think we text each other. That night That i was like on a panel and in the vaccine the vaccine was with Faith leaders of the seven day of the event is and there were a lot of those that were pro natural so it was like natural. Kathy doctors clinical doctors and then my public health background. And what's what's really interesting. And i try to keep my focus and i'll do the same here as well is that For me is that we want to be able to provide you the information that is That is best understood for you to be may be able to Make your own decision. You can outweigh the rescue can determine whether this is something that is for you or for a family member and if you chose not to. We asked his. Please continue to be vigilant in bombing. The necessary precautions even if you get vaccinated the same message goals until we be builds. Some herd immunity. And of course. I'm going to ask you to consider getting vaccinated give us a call. You can call us at eight seven seven nine one eight two four or you can visit the website at covid. Nineteen dot newhaven c. T. dot gov and you can always can always put my contact information in the czech rou because if anyone has any questions or you wanna.

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