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Continuing on here with our. Ufc recap up are both of Jacuzzi also known as you see on. Espn thirty that's right. They were on the leader. So kudos to mma betraying themselves a lot on espn and espn two. Courtesy uc npfl continuing on after to receive some battle were crowned the latest ultimate fighter winners. Which by the way whatever happened that they know eight. He kinda goes. Here's your trophy. You're the winner. And then he steps back like he has nothing it almost seems like he is just going through the most boy he milled those two emailed it in and it was all there to come in and talk about the fines but i remember they used to become like a bigger. Eli arianna would sit there and present like those a medal the trophy and those just a little bit more interaction between the us president in the winners you know and this time like i say it was just like doing earthline everybody. Oh i'm supposed to hand this to you. I think maybe because it's the first time that this card is a card. That's completely devoted to that. The cdc all the fighters from that season fighting on one card. Maybe kinda get what you're saying it. It didn't really even like the positioning of where the fights was a little odd but That was pretty good. Both are really good but in this particular one Man battle has handful early on. That did not like it was going to go his way and he got it through it and was able to get that victory so i kinda like both fights. It's very strange feeling. Because i felt like hind won his fight. I felt he should have been the ultimate fighter there and in the other one. There's an argument to say that battle is is the ultimate fighter but there still some unfinished business out. There was crazy on. Gore seemed to make the most the biggest impression in terms of like if you were to ask people. Hey who has the best chance of becoming a champion from the season. I think no disrespect the touristy of think some people might just tell you that that trae young guys are of course. He wasn't able to fight. And that's why we mentioned gilbert or beena was in the finals here against brian battle. But you know what happened to happen. That's it i'm sure. At some point. They may be locked up but still successful season. We mentioned that many times congrats. The bulk winners derive versus. Kevin lee goes tough loss or kevin lee good friend of the show derived representing l. a. Look good it was a fun fight. I loved this. But i all i can think of is the tough loss appears to be kevin lee when dana white says we gotta see his future still even here imagine how difficult that's to hear her kevin and not to make any excuses for germany. I think it's not standing one fifty five but one seventy man. I don't know if that's future either. You know the first thing you look at when he saw those two guys standing in front of each other was just how undersized kevin lee was right what he's gotta do to look like a one seventy or he's got a pack on the muscle and It just seemed like even the leg kicks that he was taken from derived like they look lately just shook his whole body every time he got hit with you could tell he was out size and so kevin lee had a good first round and he probably could duplicated that in round two and he had the opportunity. But that's man. That's where everything changed. And i think that's where it just starts to be like the size of the other human being beating on humanity just a bigger guy Gotta give the rod. His credit he bought a pretty good fight. You gotta give john wood and syndicate their credit. You know because they've been been churning some fighters around the but doing some good things there and that particular challenge of kevin leaving Is mostly known for being one fifty five. He's still a tough out. That was a good win for kevin. Liana what the hell he does going forward here like. Something has to change and there's been times in his career where he has done that. You'll going up to canada working over there. Those are changes. these done. Some stuff there has to be something else there that i mean. How do you see. Let them because it's always nightly you always find a reason to give kevin lee a main event on something. Yeah if you give them the right match up. So i don't know that. Make sense to really get rid of them. But maybe that is something. Kevin leniency on a new look organization our now. I don't know how to solve that riddle. You know i think about robert. Whitaker moved up from lightweight. Sorry welterweight to middle and became a middleweight champion. he's been super successful and yet he's undersized why can he do it but maybe kevin lee struggling. I don't know but two things stand out for He does seem a little outside outgun but the other one and i would say this to kevin nancy this the candidates. There's just a drop off. I see where in around one and half around to you look almost indestructible almost unbeatable. Especially when you're handling your business especially at one fifty five maybe not necessarily at one. Seventy one seventy is a little bit different but it doesn't look like a fish out of water but then he starts to tire halfway around to around three..

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