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Branch dot com promo code k a t i e bollandbranch dot com promo code katie and now back to our conversation with journalist emily chang author of bro topi so you got a lot of attention when the first excerpt for bro topi was released in vanity fair you wrote about wild monthly sex parties attended by the tech elite the sub head of the piece was the guy's got laid but the women get screwed which i thought was clever and also a bit depressing and can you explain these parties how important are they and what the effect is for women in tech so first of all one of the interesting things about silicon valley that may set it apart from some other industries is that work bleeds into life in fact life is work and that's just the way things go and so you know if you're working at one of these companies you're going out for drinks after work maybe for drinks in the middle of the day and you know there's this implicit pressure to be one of the cool kids and you know there is a subset of people in silicon valley who believes they're not just changing the world when it comes to the products that they're building their challenging social mores and challenging traditional morality challenging monogamy and that's all great the bay area has been you know this this this hotbed of sexual exploration and liberation for so so long but if you look at actually how some of the socializing happens and you know i am quite descriptive about some of these parties where you have powerful men inviting women to to one so that the odds are in their favor it's not challenging traditional mores at all in fact it's a tale as old as time you know these women who participate are discredited and disrespected when for the men it's like a networking opportunity even though they're not trying to do business business gets done and so women sort of feel like they're damned if they do and damned if they don't and for some people this lifestyle was ever present and they felt like they could not escape it and especially some women entreprer.

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