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I'm watching to our wives so as everyone else psych. I'm gonna kiss my way i would or you cameras centered on me. I can't get across. I can move mine handy keeping cam. Not a hand be careful. Wow i get it. Uh-huh whoa what's he had a cam so he's going to be there and but it talking of that though also traces of their infant w welling the smallville superman is also going to be in how does that work. Oh yeah no superman in that world and they're bringing in brandon routh superman. It's infinite earth so they're all different earth two superman but isn't brandon ralph <hes> yes yes what the hell the atom yeah but it's a few from a different earth see the irs was kind of a wild. It's not inception like it was was like when marvel talks about <hes> wiping the multi verse. They call it a multi verse d._c. She has infinite earths. Oh yeah no. I which makes sense there is infinite very into flash arrow not looking forward to next year to be over yet. What i'm not looking for. Ashes arrow is right yeah but i'm not i'm not gonna have anything to watch a long time <unk>. I'll leave that for what i'm watching. The dc app has plenty for you to watch. Will you give me your log in i will i just the words of i don't have enough to watch <unk>. I've never heard of it doesn't make him last by does not compute. There's so much stuff speaking of infinite earths. I subscribe to that theory by the way that like physics. His ex theory that there are infinite infinite iterations earth does like the universe is so large. You can't reach it all. It's so large that every eventuality or possibility exists an every micro level so like on somewhere in the world. We're all having this podcast right now but we're all ducks. Do you think we're ducks. That's how we think we're rabbits. I feel like i'd be an ostrich. I do feel yeah. I'm gonna be because you wanna be taller. I just want a neck like a just a giant and i can say that because i'm sure guys <hes> just want a big mac plus a long i when i was a kid i was fascinated with ostriches really and i used to y'all you. I have no no interest in at my brother's at hey listen to this. Oh dismissive at at my brother's wedding not at the wedding reception but what do you do before the rehearsal dinner it was at by angie's and me and my brother's wife like her stepbrother so <hes> we acted like we were ostriches and ran out of this place because one person person said like you can't act like that we can so we did it and they videotaped it and then we did it at the wedding too and it's all on film in this little grady snyder at the time because my brother got married when i was let me think eleven <hes> and it's the most ridiculous thing i don't. I don't remember watching it anytime soon. I know i've seen it before but i remember doing. It and it's just ridiculous that people let me do those things and it's going to weddings when your kid it is. My sister had a wedding when i i was in fifth grade and i remember my parents house. That's probably the first time i can remember like drinking alcohol and being drunk at eleven. We'll fifth grade. Whatever eight oh my gosh you know. I probably wasn't probably had some champagne and you know oh well because that alcohol all is different than the other they had a band called universal slim and the blues kangaroos oh they were. That's the name they were l. Like something was going on around really loud danja. Yeah you got it. Aggressively aggressive plans all day..

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