Pearl Harbor Naval Station, Hawaii, Professor Michael Gerhard discussed on AP 24 Hour News


I'm Jacki Tom has returned to the White House from the NATO summit in London he didn't speak with reporters but earlier today he blasted the house Judiciary Committee for its impeachment here it's a disgrace that they are doing this and doing it because they think they can win in twenty twenty it doing it because you take a look at the candidates and their candidates are not doing too well at the hearing three legal scholars said there were grounds for impeachment for trying to bribe the president of Ukraine to conduct political investigations against trump rivals if what we're talking about is not impeachable then nothing is a beach that's professor Michael Gerhard but Republican congressman Doug Collins says there was no case made things that hypothetical may not have happened or what didn't happen this was the first hearing for the Judiciary Committee in the impeachment process there are reports of a shooting at the Pearl Harbor naval station in Hawaii officials there say that emergency responders are on the scene in a week that saw two school shootings in Wisconsin a boy in Oregon today was arrested with several guns and ammunition police say they don't know why a house oversight panel questioned a top official at the FDA about why the trump administration hasn't banned flavored E. cigarettes to stop attracting kids it's been reported that president trump backed away from his earlier call for such a ban because it might cost him votes with adults who vape.

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