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I want to go back and read this book because it seems like it would be a great story like that. There's probably so much more to it but <hes> but yeah yeah absolutely it's overall you know great movie. I like liked to ally disappointing that it's not doing so well but hopefully it finds life on video. I think you're underestimating that because it was a fifteen million dollar budget around four million. The first week made four point five in the u._s. and canada. It's about nine point two million now and huma faxed. Ah even look it's going to make it's money back in the theater right. Yes that's good and as we've talked about time and again like the idea of with theatrical release is changing right and some of the criticism is why did they do this as a wide release. Why didn't they do this. As a platform release hit the big cities i do more of those fathom events where it's like a party for springsteen vans and then open it up to a bigger audience and i think that's a fair criticism by do think it's <hes> i just don't think movies like this. You know based on a few exceptions are going to be making tons of money sure anymore in the theater so i do think you know based on on whatever your expectation is my expectation is. Hey you made your money back into theatre everything after his gold i agree with that one hundred percent what i hate is the headlines that it bombed armed and that's what bugs me because you're right. It didn't do that bad. It's not it's not the avengers two vendors number so and again like i said it's a changing changing time. This is the type of thing that you would be happy to watch on your couch. Maybe not you but other people still need to fit in the springsteen on broadway's yeah and i can watch this alone on my couch and cry. That's true sure he'll do many times so i think it's doing better than some of that. Type of narrative is portraying it as yeah absolutely well. This is gray on as we always do. Do you have a movie. You've seen recently. It like like to recommend ooh. That's a good one. I didn't even think about that. Can i recommend t._v. Show instead so fuck it yeah watching <hes> letterkenny recently on on hulu. That's like amazing. I love that showed some weird shit canadian show a lot of people know about now that you know about this small in town in canada where there's five thousand people and the main characters are the farmers and there's also the <hes> the meth head goth kids and the jocks jocks and those could easily be characters who want to get out of four. They are strive for something more so i'll just recommend letterkenny right now. Is anyone in that like anyone big or knowing that we would. No no yeah sounds interesting right on. Where can people find. What are you going to recommend a movie or you. Don't i don't recommend things my guest recommend things i. I don't listen to your podcast. I know you clearly clearly well. That's okay. I don't listen to yours yeah. I do listen to this so look. We got awesome movie or would you would you produce into a heck of a job on and <hes> that's all over the webs that awesome movie your dot com awesome movie. You're on facebook awesome movie year on instagram awesome movie pot on twitter. I'm jason harris. There's comedy or jay harris comedy all over the internet and gopher jason dot com by website beautiful jason's great to finally get.

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