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Right. Okay. So which then leads right into step five, which is move the conversation. Back to your owned properties right. So now, I've got my influencers out there. I got my associates they've been all fed with the information they're all communicating to the market. Now I've got to bring that back to my property back to my website because that's what I care about is how many people are GonNa come to my site and learn from me or by from me or engage with me. Now, the way that I would do that again, just stick with that photo example is. Out A press release. Right I can put out a press release that says this weekend the explorers of lights are going to be presenting how to do a portrait or the artisans are going to be showing a lifestyle whatever it is but now I started to take an online property it build it into communication strategy that drives traffic and awareness and interest to those affiliates, all of which who have a vested interest in coming back to the brand for purchase. Yeah. Yeah. Right. So it's this giant piece of. Pr and maybe it's advertising may be as highlighting maybe it's having them attend or support trade shows when we get back to trade shows some day. And something as simple as links into your brand website. So let's have a let's say I have a hundred. influencers that are out there I want all one hundred of them to have a link from their websites in their properties back into my corporate brand because that helps me with Seo right the search engine optimization when I get more relevant links into my website because it puts me as the trusted adviser and puts me as the leader. Yeah. I can right and then I can link out to those relevant influencers as well because there is also brand value for me saying Una link from my corporate brand to this high end celebrity or or or influencer or quite frankly even in each expert that. Maybe, is really good at putting tops on bottoms at factory level in machine vision. Right. Again like I said, you can do this all the way across second. Yeah. This is awesome. Absolutely. Yeah. So those are kind of the five steps I would say to to bring them all together and if you compensate your affiliates correctly. Or aggressively. They'll put a dis-. A they'll they'll put. An emphasis, an emphasis on your product and getting your brand out there. A, lot of times I hear people get confused when they start thinking about affiliate marketing. Let's just I'm going GONNA throw out some numbers that doesn't really matter. Let's say as a product I, sell it and I usually get fifty points of margin on that product. And it cost me forty points of margin to sell it. So I have ten points profit now my CFO Mike Oh. Goodness Jim, you want to pay your influence or more than ten percent of the value of the product you're going to be in a loss position. Challenge him to think about it a little bit differently. If I I have an effective influence are out there who is delivering my curated ran message right my content that I've created my message that is in line with my brand. I'm paying that influence or to deliver an authentic and unified message instead of paying. Youtuber facebook or hey, y'all re really any property right could be the New York Times it could be NBC. It could be whatever channel it is. It is a different media channel so I can incent. My in frame answers. Or affiliates again it's a where we're part of the conversation where what we really call this network people. Beyond what the value of that sale brings me because really what I'm doing is I am moving my Budget out of a media bucket and into a new media bucket, which is this affiliate program. Yeah. Yeah which is tied back to sales which has very clear KPI's against it, which has a very clear return on investment because. I don't have to pay. In less that individual performs. Right. So That's it. I, feel like I feel like you should stop because this is. Make or break a brand, and I think this is amazing. Those five points really some enough on I hope whoever's listening takes those five points right now and goes and things about what they're doing with their marketing program and applies it immediately in again try to think outside of exactly what Jim was saying obviously, it's a you know he's giving one example, but this can apply to any market. So really you have to think broadly about how apply to your program if you're a startup, how is if your tech? Company. How does apply what you're doing if you're in the enterprise space does is what you're doing and you can actually have these englanders every kind of space. On a consumer electronics hey, just you know it's a very it's a little bit more tangible because you're talking consumer. Sales but from an enterprise space, there's a president of influencers as well. So just think about who you know who's in your network what makes sense the from abroad perspective Jim Thank you so much. This is great. Great. Great Information where can people find you so they can hire you. So the easiest way to find me is on linked in. So link to knock COM slash in slash Jim Malcolm all one word or if you WANNA learn more about me, I, did stand up a own website. So there is something called Jim Malcolm Dot Bio and You can go there and you can learn all about my background what I do and some of my accomplishments and I would love to work with new and innovative companies. This is amazing. Thank you. Again end everybody. Thank you for joining us for the PR playbook podcast on influence I didn't even know I think we have to rename its includes marketing anymore but. Joining US Jim's.

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