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The warren's confirmed that it was definitely a matter of demonic possession and as one would expect doctors psychologists. Were like your shit. They said that the only thing that was wrong with david was he had a learning disability. Now i feel like that's a hell of a learning disability. That really is like. I feel like i maybe i would go for. Adhd or maybe showing signs of schizophrenia. But no one's going to say he has a learning disability. It's just under that blanket. Rates right field. I don't know what to call the exactly exactly now as things got worse and worse home. Debbie and arnie moved out so debbie got job from. This man named allan bono. Good just moved to town. He had a dog kennel place and she became a dog groomer. They're working for him and she and arnie rented an apartment from alan as well. No they still go back to help because they were both living with family. But you know david's possession or what was going on. It was just getting too stressful. There's so much going on while eventually. The warren's arranged for minor exorcism because they couldn't get the church to grant them a full blown actresses so i guess there are different levels of extra systems that you can do. They ended up doing a total of three of them. Now during one of the exorcisms david or the demon announced to arnie. Who was there helping them that. He was going to commit a murder very soon during one of the other exorcisms. Arnie basically taunted the demon so much like we saw at the end of the exorcist. Take me so he was like take me instead of david after they moved and after hernia. Done this debbie said that there would be times when she would see arne he would just start like space out in the apartment. He was start growling and would come out of it. She would tell him what he did and he's like i didn't do that. He had no recollection of this. On february sixteenth nineteen eighty-one. Arnie skipped work. And he and debbie and a couple of debbie's friends were hanging out at the dog. Kenilworth deputy was working and alan bono. The landlord and debbie's boss showed up and he and arnie from what i understand. We're like besties. They hung out together all the time so he was like. Hey let's all go out to eat. We'll while out. Eating drinking mostly by alan when they got back to the kennel allen wanted to party more and so it sounds like they all went up to his place but then he started getting hansie with some of the girls and they wanted to leave and he wasn't letting them leave our finally. Debbie took them and was able to help them. Because arnie started going after alan to basically make him stop within the last thing she remembered it was arne started growling and flew into a rage and he and allen started fighting so she took the girls and they left loournal while they were gone. Arnie stabbed allen multiple times in the chest and the stomach and then left and left him to bleed to us. The police found him a little while later. Two miles away from the attack so the day after the murder lorraine they found him two miles away from where he was attacked from. Where he attacked. Allan allan was still in his apartment. I thought you meant. They found the body two miles away. Okay found aren't. They found arnie him so the day after the murder. Lorraine warren told the police. The army had been possessed when he committed the murder by the way..

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