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It's 9 18 Traffic and weather on the 8th back to Jack down the traffic center Still some beltway delays Marilyn topside out of loop from 95 headed over toward colesville road inner loop of the beltway as you head toward route one college park on that ramp to route one crash had just a left lane getting by Heavy traffic remains on the outer loop around central avenue up toward the John Hanson highway There was a wreck reported on the interloop with the valley between branch avenue and saint barnabas road still a little delay beyond it You're good headed toward the Wilson bridge Two 70 from Frederick south toward the lane divide there's one delay It is in Germantown as you pass father Hurley boulevard toward one 18 there at least nothing reported We'd add some debris out of Hanover 100 east before the BW Parkway It's in the center lane reports of a bumper I 97 southbound you're being able Bolivar just the right lane gets by that crash And three O one is still blocked in upper Marlboro major issues at the railroad crossing the gates are in the position down unfortunately In Bethesda eastbound river road near ridgefield road brookside drive there had also been reports of a crash slowing in the district on D.C. two 95 south the earlier activity down near Pennsylvania avenue from the crash and vehicle fire cleared Connecticut avenue southbound near Nebraska and in northwest there was a wreck in the center lane and earlier had one broken down north D.C. two 95 after eastern avenue in the far right lane In Virginia still a little beltway slowdown in the loop as you approach Braddock road toward two 36 95 had been crowded trying to move into woodbridge up toward the Prince William Parkway clear the academy you're good into Springfield north onto three 95 without delay Fairfax westbound Braddock wrote west to one 23 near Belmont drive crash took away the right lane Tow truck is on 7 eastbound near Belmont ridge road The crash cleanup remains along the left side of the roadway Jack Taylor WTO ptraffic And our forecast now with Michelle Grossman It's looking really dreary out there this morning Michelle It is hi there Joan yeah really gloomy.

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