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For the Chicago, to mackinac, yob race WBZ m.'s Bob Roberts with. The story yacht club Commodore leaf Sigmund called for a moment of silence after, paying tribute to a rally crew members, of our. Family enduring this race we lost one, of the best Monday Thomas skippers the goblin. And said he considered, Lee, a close friend volunteered for so many things we would Refuse. Is fun Tear effort on on on many occasions who say you've done. Too much homicide the loss will be felt for. A long time Bob Roberts NewsRadio on what. I'll five point nine FM to suburban men charged. With a hate crime have been told to stay away. From the victim the alleged attack on a relative haven't last week at Rogers park that you've Ian says fifty five year old Amirah robotic of all seven thirty. Six year olds Shaquille body reportedly punched in stabbed Amir's daughter because he was dating a Muslim man made made Bill over the weekend currently barred from contacting both victims police say the man who are also facing armed robbery charges attacked woman's nineteen year old boyfriend leaving him, battered in Bruce Keith Johnson. NewsRadio one. Zero five point nine FM Special Olympics athletes from Bangladesh has been found safe after going missing last week from the Gold Coast neighborhood twenty two year old res- one l. hawk had last been seen In hotel surveillance. Footage getting into a vehicle about five PM. Last Thursday in the one hundred block of east. Delaware place police said hawk and left the hotel voluntarily. And that foul play was not suspected again police say he was found safe Geneva police will be conducting an active shooter response training at a local school today..

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