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The red sox just kind of ruined it for everybody with steve bartman this guy was that mean humbled pummeled the entire city went after him and he was one of these sitting there in his little headphones in his seat with his hat over as the of the the way he has had over his head in his own whenever discuss the nail like bear in an of getting a world series ring allah that you don't wanna know why care while it's kind of a funny story we had people chicago ruin his life and to be honest that play happened i think like in the seventh inning with and it would only made him have i'm sorry they were only had two out after if they had made the cat coach is one of those weird weird things in chicago had a history like the red sox has never won a world series in recent time and this the closest they would have had to it and if they won that game they would have won into the world series others it was a big story especially when it happened in this guy was just worry through the calls i mean he couldn't he was on suicide watch and everything is a bad thing but this guy for quite some time together yes they get a world series bring a soup to nuts not too bad at like the cash one of those suckers and think worth like thirty grand forty grand something like that probably even more than that alan an all but yeah kind of a kind of a cool story that steve bartman gets a world series ring i mean i know you don't care it's now not at all no it's not because it sports at just because it's stupid it's a great great store it's really not happen of this year than yeah i could see it if they how long how it happened that happened in o3 okay so a mere fourteen years ago yeah now then and he said his name like i should note all you because as big name it's not a coup is not very bonsey says sentinel he then i'll know he didn't play these a fan that everybody knows is his name i mean i'm not a chicago cubs fan but steve bartman everybody knows i mean you know i'm surprised you didn't know his name or even this picture when you look at home.

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