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I went I went to two thousand seven and since two thousand seven seven hundred and fifty eight players manage fifty plus targets through week ten bear. With me. Here's a little wordy so seven fifty eight. Fifty plus targets through week ten fifteen of those players scored on at least twelve percent of those targets one is e Bron. Yep. Thirteen point eight percent. He's ninth. The average touchdown rate. The rest of the season for the other fourteen is eight point seven percent and only two had a higher touchdown rate. The rest of the way all of them scored fewer touchdowns the rest of way. Now, again, it's through week ten you have a buy in there. So of course, they're going to lean toward fewer touchdowns. But it was significantly fewer touchdowns in the second half for the most part, by the way, the cardinals good against tight ends only one top ten fantasy week allow that was way back in week one. So a lot a lot to process here. But the fact is there's pretty much no way you could sustain his touchdown rate with by the way, I into all them guys them tight ends most of them. Most of them players sustain they pretty big offensive role. The rest of the way, Yvonne is not like he's a very unique situation where he's also playing a lot less NS sustainable and unsustainable touchdown rate so much going on here. I can't keep my word straight. But nonetheless, expect a lot less production from Hebron going. Here's at all say, by the way, this is what we keep. Coming back to is. We are advocating that if we had the choice between Eric Hebron and Jack Doyle, we would choose Jack Doyle he is ranked higher in our rankings. We are also saying that if you have Eric Hebron, you are probably still starting him. All right like there are not a laundry list of great tight ends available. And with six teams on a by a few tight ends could actually be used week to week like George kill like gronk when he's healthy are not going to be available this weekend. We are not telling you to bench Eric Hebron, not necessarily not necessarily the most important that we can take away is with one week in ten minutes until the NFL until the ESPN finish trade deadline if you could parlay Eric run for a weekly start at wide receiver or running back be a great opportunity to do. So right now, no question at all even twelve this week..

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