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That's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven give me a follow should be a tweet on Twitter at Zak yelled that C. A. C. H. E. L. B. could also interact the show on Instagram as well at Zak yelled and if you want to follow our network across our great platform of CBS sports radio you have a follow at CBS sports radio as well a little clarification some people are confused with the Jordan Belfort and my mother story they stated they stated they didn't get married they dated in high school and a little early on in college someone thought that a that Jordan Belfort was my father I think you would know that because my name wouldn't be sacked yelled it would be checked out for some old I I thought that was pretty obvious when you said they dated but I guess some people do get confuse so no my father is not the wall full of Wall Street I just happened to go see the movie my mother who once happened to date Jordan Belford right like am I going crazy here my Debian and Tom I thought I explain that might all find no you're not and we said I had some clarification of thing and it we say a Superbowl team and that was wrong we set everything right over I don't remember anything is okay that I I have no clarification to help you with can you imagine if you just got into your car it you focus on your local CBS sports radio affiliate or the radio dot com application or may be serious so for on Sirius right now with the whole play by play stuff who knows former on over not on on serious but if you focus on and you just see the first words out of my mouth for the they no longer than it does that guild show on CBS sports radio our number three of our radio program does for rock coming up at the top of the hour for some award winning NFL picks them by the way a little clarification as we sit here on a big football Friday yeah my mother is a married to Jordan Belfort G. just dated him someone's are all the same what is it what is this guy talking about this new talk show host on CBS sports radio in this new time slot yeah we share a little story in the last hour I don't even know how they did come up in conversation by the way we were talking about something and it led to Jordan Belford in in one way or another but had to clarify just on how you can get confused about who your father is when you went to the movie to see that he was very clear why would you be going to the movies about your father the story to invade right inference but people just are so desperate for a good origin story I think they're like sacks dad is the wolf of Wall Street like that could you imagine not only these radio gossip blogs tomorrow Zack killed the new hose that CBS sports radio his father Jordan Belfort P. crate respected and Jason battered from Barrett sports media contacting us Hey is that gonna do story you dad even I've met him before his side Jordan Belford really into March and calls us you know or even fun house for the the people that don't know the New York audience funhouse back after this he does all these clips with my friend says thinkers for Mad Dog Russo absolutely hysterical account must follow on Twitter all right anyway without further ado just to get that out of the way this act guild show we're now you know my father is not Jordan Belford just to clarify that my mom just used to date him which I question her decision making but it is what it is people do dumb things when they're in high school and when they're in college I got to be careful here because I did tell my folks and I would come visit then this weekend and I know that they're listening to the show Hey mama Hey dad how are yeah but we got for dinner nothing he had absolutely nothing actually for my dad.

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