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D C. Tony Katz 93. W I. B C Good Morning, and Joe Biden is letting you know that his focus Is on illegal immigration that's actually not A joke that That's Where he is. His priority is 11 million illegal immigrants. As a matter of fact, his priority is on day one, signing about a dozen executive actions. According to his incoming chief of staff, Ron Klain. Um, they'll, um Address Cove. It The economic crisis, the climate crisis and the racial equity crisis. So okay. So they'll be additional executive actions after that on and fulfill promises to strengthen buy American provisions, So the future of America is made in America. He will take significant early action to advance equity and support communities of color and other underserved communities taking action to begin fulfilling campaign promises related to reforming our criminal justice system. Additional executive actions to address the climate crisis with the urgency science demands and ensure that science guides the administration's decision making process. First steps to expand access to health care, including for low income women and women of color and then restoring dignity in our immigration system and our border policies. Border policies of Barack Obama are now going to get some dignity. Isn't that something? Oh, by the way, there is a caravan on its way up from Honduras. They have demanded entry into the United States and that Joe Biden live up to his promises. The Biden team's already saying, Hey, now's not the time not don't come. Now is not the time. Of course, they see Trump going out and they see Ah, week Joe Biden with weak policies and failed policies and no actual commitments, keeping America America in. Oh, Tony, that's no way to speak about immigrants. Not actually, I'm speaking about immigrants at all. Didn't question whether not I wanted legal immigration. I only want legal immigration. I don't want a caravan of people from Honduras thinking that they can say we demand entry into your country. You don't get to demand anything. Let me say it again. You don't get to demand anything. My problems of Honduras Very few. Thank you very much. Just about a problem with the 100, Honduras. This is about an understanding of the situation. No, no, no, no, no. Trump was just too evil. So you voted for Biden. Okay, well, now you're going to see what it is. Right? The excusing of the last. Well, I guess I was saying 30 days, which didn't want 30 days now, So it's 45 days now I won't do that. I won't do that. But this is this is gonna be the 1st 10 days of Joe Biden. Just sign this. And why can't you get these things done through Congress? You know the way you're supposed to. You can't pass this stuff through Congress. You don't want to show this stuff to Congress. You don't have to put people on the record her regarding climate this that and the other. Okay, I get you. I get you. And the idea that these things are all crisis. Well, that's actually the fun. Wait. Oh, wordplay. Remember domestic terrorists at the Capitol. After much thought. Writers is the terminology. Right? I don't think you get to the conversation, domestic terrorist Then again, people can agree or disagree, and this is gonna be, I think a big conversation. Insurrection. I am clear that you don't have No organization whatsoever. No plan whatsoever. One schmuck was zip ties is not a plan from a group of people. That's just all there is to it. I'm not downplaying the actions. I think it's where everybody in jail Question from the beginning why Capitol Police weren't firing Nobody gets to come it me and say somehow I'm changing a viewpoint. Oh, I've got people mad on all sides. So you're in favor of police shooting riders. I'm in favor of riders being stopped. Is what I'm in favor of You think that woman should have been shot and killed. I don't think that woman should have been there to begin with. And most definitely her opportunity to be shot and killed would have been far less and that she wasn't in the capital and she broke into the capital. Will they let her in? I'm not so much believing that What I do believe is that there's enough video to make you look at the Capitol police and ask what in the world happened here. Did they get two sets of messages, depending on where they were? Was the message. Hey, be nice and lovely W everybody and we'll get it. We'll get through this quick. And so they went a nice, peaceful route. Remember, It's like cops taking a knee with George Boyd protesters, right? Could have been the same concept there. But when they were being attacked, well, you gotta respond. Except it didn't seem that they were so much responding. Looking into what happened. Capitol police is necessary. Very much. So who who said to do? What? Where were the orders coming from? I've already gotten rid of sergeant in arms in the House of the Senate. You might have to bring them in for questioning or trial. Not having the extra security there. Notice. I have no opposition to extra security. I have opposition on Lee to the ideas of shutting down. If you if you want to say we say as I'm saying that if you want say, as I'm saying, all right at the Capitol Right of the capital place, And then later that night, they got back to doing the work of counting the electoral votes. And I think I love that. Some people like Indianapolis media and some of you believe in interviewing there so amazed. I can't believe after the riots that people still voted to challenge. Yeah, because they weren't going to be, you know, told what to do by a riot. They weren't gonna be There weren't gonna be swayed. If they actually believe something, shouldn't they have believed it? Shouldn't have some level of conviction as opposed to what Mike Brandon said. 000 that happened. I guess I'll change my mind now. How weak It's just total lack of understanding of how we view the political scene. Mike Brown is one term, Senator Mike Brown will not be governor. Not not.

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