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New from Fidelity Investments also how. Single people are treating online dating. Like fantasy football and the beer bottle crisis in Germany, that story in about twenty minutes The losing one family member is hard. Enough how does, anyone. Deal with multiple losses after a duck boat accident killed nine members of one family in Missouri others who. Have weathered, unimaginable grief are sharing their experiences here's this weekend's Jennifer Kushinka? Claire, Ansberry the Wall Street Journal is talk to, people who have weathered unimaginable grief and joins us now. Claire what, are, some, of the challenges, that these folks are facing well usually when. Something is so shocking like this it's it's not the trajectory that, we expect them life you know everybody experiences loss. And death but usually it's at. The end of life and when you have a. Tragedy or trauma or accident massive accident you're losing people at earlier times and unexpected times nobody expects. To lose their child I've read Somewhere that grief never ever goes away you just. Somehow learn, to live with it how did some of these folks learn to live with their grief. Well it and that's so true that it. Never goes away, and most of them say say that they just learn how to cope with it you know the world has never gonna be. The same so they just have to live. In it and you know some of them and it's it's trial and error saying where they learned you know. One woman said that you know she just wanted to. Be by yourself, and. She didn't want to burden anybody with you know her own pain but she realized that she really needed. To talk, to people and not shut out the people that she loved? And, that was one thing that was really important, to her you know other people said that they needed. To find, hope, and, something and some, sense of purpose they felt like their whole. Life had ended and you know some people can find new projects, or some sort of thing that honors the people. Who have died in sort of. Continued there Memory you know there's a lot of people find strength in some sort of spiritual journey where you know their. Life they're, seeking meaning in their, life and, they find it in their spiritual practices service people also find a lot of help, in serving, others but the, important thing too is that you know that's something that happens after time and you know everyone has said look. You know after something like this the grieving period you know. It's lifelong, but you you can't rush things and you really need to be patient with yourself and. People around you need to be patient as. Well because it, really really takes a long time so take care of yourself you know grief is such a physically and emotionally and mentally exhausting Thing and you really need to take care of yourself first. And go through degrees there's really no, avoiding it and just kind of incorporate the. Loss in your own life. Before you, can really sort of reach out we're speaking with Claire The Wall Street Journal Clara no for your story you? Talk. To some people who have undergone unimaginable grief in their personal lives you talked about. Those some of those people turning a something positive. Out of that by having a purpose. Can you give an example. Of how someone, specifically did that sure Madonna badger lost her three children and her, parents in a fire Christmas, morning fire, she herself escaped and she went into severe depression. She was, suicidal her her, whole, life she, said she just lost and you know she went through a. Lot of, counselors counseling and to. Trauma centers and she really, just like you know something was, wrong with her initially couldn't go on and finally a doctor said look you. Know the loss against the loss of a mother and a child I mean that's the strongest bond and when you lose it it's. Like severing a nerve And so she she said that you know that kind of. Gave her hope and she realized book I'm still the mother? Of. These children I'm still the daughter of my parents and I want to live my. Life honoring them she is a marketing executives and. Advertising executives so too she started a. She launched a campaign for. The industry to, not objectify women and in doing so she wanted to honor women, and girls and and protect, them and, that was something that she wanted to do for. Her daughters, and you know, just, to have, a project with purpose this weekend's Jennifer Kushinka with Wall Street. Journal columnist, Clare ends berry twenty. Minutes now in front of, the hour on this weekend.

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