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I really like character actors and like i'm the type of person that like if you save the name of a character that's been like three episodes of batman i'll be like oh like that actor and it's always been like a completely useless skill um until i moved out the la and suddenly it was like i remember my first short film that that we made there was a role and it was like homeless man like four lines and i was like no who would be great and it was like this guy that played uncle mackin three episodes of madmen like sounds email because you know a lot of actors have their emails on on i'm be pro or you know their agents are managers are very easy to reach out to in very receptive great stocking yes it's amazing and i was someone who never knew anyone you know i never knew any professional actors prior to moving out here um so i was just interested in engaging with with people and asking what was your experience working on men when my favorite shows like so i was able to just reach out that i want to and i sent them the script i'm like we'd love to offer you the role of raffles the homeless man and this guy is actor morgan rustler he read the script and he was so flattered that he was like i've been acting for twenty years and and this is the first time i've ever been offered a overall before is i'll do all your short films than ended up being an all five of the short films i made that you're he was john ratzenberger which was awesome and then was sort of very positively encouraged to.

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