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So tonight we have the second of sex we have our second college football committee show can be six of these right this is the second one tonight so here is my prediction it's going to look just like last week georgia obama notredame clemson oklahoma the key to look out for is wisconsin they are going to protect themselves my prediction the committee will protect themselves first of all there's the they were ninth last week wisconsineau move up in wisconsin place iowa michigan both ranked over the next two weeks so you watch wisconsin either get into that final four or the fifth spot and they're going to protect themselves so i've been hearing this narrative for the last couple of weeks in its idiotic that if wisconsin wins out they're not going to get in your out of your mind fan boy georgia if you lose taliban emma and you're going to wisconsin if they're undefeated gets in get over it it ain't gonna be close and i don't think georgia is going to beat alabama and i don't care if it's close they're not getting in over an unbeaten wisconsin team a real simple you do get the committee is a series of grownups athletic directors' people that work together all year long for college sports you really believe they're going to keep up power five team that's undefeated out do you know that acrimony and the resentment that would be a nightmare decision by a committee this is grown up a dis that have worked together for years they're not going to set a precedent of keeping an undefeated big five team out pierre rejected the second thing is these executives love college football and they want their sport to keep growing because they all make more money and the you know what you don't do put in an entirely southern final four of clemson georgia bama oklhoma they want notre dame or wisconsin in there and if wisconsin goes undefeated the power the big ten audience will make it a much higher raided and more national television show at the end of the year.

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