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To go home i fully expected once open now on we're going to go on to japan in which case i didn't think that come home alive they started playing music it was easter sunday and schaumburg you folks or a member though their father for all the different and this was our own and i remember when we got into the landing craft we started in to the beaches and you could hear it as long as you possibly could just got weaker and weaker and no on low on muslim enough a legitimate is one sure one was going to happen they knew it was going to happen they were aware that it was common and they were developing their contingency plans accordingly japanese cal academy news to find verse sailor on lucky enough to see went up close that means that over two thousand housing he plays eighty five thousand i would love to say early leaving gun free the next on morstal today my new dad threw a barbecue today my new son and i threw a barbecue there were burgers and chicken i burned everything the burgers chicken the salad they were delicious they were awful and then and then we had watermelon no i'm allergic to watermelon and then we played catch mr lewis' window this is way comes window mrs wakim's windshield and then somehow my hand and then my dad even drives cost it was a rough day it was a great day you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent thousands.

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