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Testimonials. I used to forget things all the time. You know, little things like where my car keys were. What I was supposed to pick up at the store. Where my car keys were. Things like that. Then I tried to Jerry Johnson membrane system. And now I can even remember the names of everyone in my household. Thanks, Jack. Man, my memory was the worst. I couldn't even remember what I heard just a couple of minutes ago. And then I tried the John Johnson memory system and wow. What a difference. My memory used to be the worst. Do you know there was a time when I couldn't even remember what I heard just a couple of minutes ago? Thanks to Rome. Gales with the Johnny Jasper memory system you'll never forget anything important ever again. To order this Jake Jensen memory system just call one 8 8 8 that's one 800 again one 8 7 7 5 no one 8 8 8 5 four no, it's $800. Oh yes, that's one 8 8 8 three 5 two four two M L the Jackie Jackson memory system costs only 1995. That's right, just 29 95. Call today it will also include that no extra charge, a note pad that you could use to write things down. You'll get the junior Johnson memory system and the notepad all for just 39 95. Call and give your credit card an ATM number to our operators today. And what's the first thing you want to do tomorrow? That's right. Call and give our operators your credit card. Don't forget to do what it was that I told you to do earlier involving the thing I was talking about. Your memory will improve or my name is Jim Johansson. Okay, mister Jenkins, that's a tale. Good. I've got kind of a busy day ahead of me. I have to go record a commercial for my memory center. Hello. Welcome to the Bobby time show that's music that we're playing to signify, it's beginning. Welcome back, my Friends, to the show. Never ends. There's Christie. Hey, Jake. There's pat Godwin. Paycheck. Josh Arnold. There's ace Cosby. Will it griswold is here? Hey, man. I have a limited time on chick McGee and here's Tom griswold. What's your time limited? This stupid music that's stupid now was great for announced stupid. What's the difference? Way short. We took a minute out. At

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