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Now wait for Friday when Jerome pal comments after the economics opposing wraps up on Friday and your final numbers from Wall Street the Dow up two hundred and forty points at twenty six thousand two oh two as a be a twenty three at two thousand nine twenty four nasdaq higher by seventy one point eighty thousand twenty gold off three dollars at fifteen twelve an ounce in the ten year bond yield at one point five nine percent not all righty and it says six fifty two in time to play the know your new school is all we've got a pair of tickets to see Ringo Starr and all his friends at the underbelly casino resort Friday August thirtieth and then we have a pair tickets to see the beach boys also at thunder valley casino resort that show Friday September six and here's your question reporter dressed in say that Diana princess of Wales has been seriously injured in a motor accident it was August of Wales died after a car crash in Paris France is Diana dies in a car accident in Paris the objection born businessman Dodi al Fayed was also injured on television they tell me to do is this the best day ever had it's the last episode of code problem is enough all downhill from here though on the silver screen down says co ordination skill timing fitness good day they were taking it all off in the hit the full Monty take a long hard look in the mirror and on the radio the Backstreet boys were top ten with quit playin games what year was it nineteen ninety six nineteen ninety seven or nineteen ninety eight all right nine one six ninety one.

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