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I'm Corwin Hake. The New York attacked emerging in Virginia live out ABC at eleven o'clock. From ABC news. I'm Scott Goldberg happening this hour. President Trump is set to sign an order authorizing the US space force. It would be created as part of the air force not its own branch of the military. Today's directive tasks the Defense Secretary withdrawing up the first official budget requests for the space force. A senior administration officials said they expect the startup cost warning seat one hundred million dollars. Karen Travers, ABC news, the White House. Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe is explaining his claim that deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein, disgust invoking, the twenty fifth amendment to remove the president from office and offered to wear a wire to the White House to record the president. The Justice department says Rosenstein, never authorized the recording. Here's McCabe on ABC's the view we never asked for that authorization. This was a common. I don't believe I don't believe. So it's something that we talked about. But never seriously considered. It seemed like such a overwhelmingly risky and unnecessary thing to do sources. Tell ABC news Rosenstein plans to step down next month. The president's longtime confidant Roger stone may be in trouble for an Instagram post. Judge Amy Berman Jackson summoned Roger stone to court later this week to explain why the conditions of his bail should not be modified or revoked stone posted on Instagram. A picture of the judge is faced with the crosshairs in the upper quarter and words of criticism. He subsequently submitted an apology his lawyer saying Mr. stone recognizes the impropriety and had the post removed. Stone was arrested last month and charged with seven counts as part of the special counsels Russia investigation ABC's Aaron Katersky. The president is criticizing the sixteen states that have joined together in a lawsuit over his declaration of a national emergency on the southern border in the morning tweet. He says the group is quote led most. By open border, Democrats and the radical left. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders officially announced he's running for president again. He's one of a dozen already babbling for the democratic nomination. You're listening to ABC news..

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