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Democrats are taking another step toward impeaching president trump A. P.'s at Jackie Quinn reports from Washington where the house Judiciary Committee plans to vote Thursday on rules for impeachment hearings although many Democrats are not eager to start the impeachment process the house Judiciary Committee is willing to map out the technical steps an escalation of the panels investigations of president trump the committee would still have to introduce impeachment articles against trump and win approval from the house to bring charges even if that did happen the Republican led Senate is extremely unlikely to convict trump or see him removed from office Jackie Quinn Washington. an elephant in a Buddhist pageant in Sri Lanka ran amok and injured at least eighteen people the elephant was in a procession when it suddenly ran forward scattering a crowd at a pageant in Kotte near Colombo that spoke to the elephant and it became violent and ran further knocking into people a man riding on the elephant fell off and narrowly escaped being trampled ornately decorated elephants are a major attraction in Sri Lankan Buddhists pageants wealthy families own elephants as a symbol of their prosperity pride and nobility and they send their elephants to take part in pageants around the country some Buddhist temples also own elephants. the raiders shook off a tumultuous week A. P.'s Riley all reports the team chalked up an opening Monday night with at home against the Broncos after a week filled with drama resulting in the release of Antonio brown the raiders rebounded from the side show of number eighty four and closed out week one by beating the Broncos on Monday Night Football twenty four to sixteen Derek Carr was a solid twenty two of twenty six passing for two hundred fifty nine yards and a touchdown Tyrone Williams one of the new receivers for Oakland have six receptions for a hundred and five yards including an eight yard touchdown catch Josh Jacobs a rookie from Alabama at eighty five yards rushing into scores Denver's Joe Flacco was twenty one of thirty one for two hundred sixty eight yards and a score in the Los Riley on Oakland. eight radio I'm Jackie Quinn newly elected Republican congressman Greg Murphy in North Carolina says president trump has called.

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