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Restriction supplies in terms of sports work that vandal dot com gambling problem called one 800 gambler It's 9 O 8 Traffic good weather on the 8th now let's take you back to Jack in the traffic center Well thankfully not causing huge late delays but in Maryland prince George's county coming out of college park the rack down near the greenbelt metro station is off the roadway to the right side Topside outer loop let loose a bit now New Hampshire toward Georgia with a lot more gas than break two 70s great between Bethesda and Frederick north and southbound 95s looking good even though we'd had a wreck south near route 100 that was over on both shoulders even the BW Parkway letting loose a bit now It had been some slowing down toward one 75 No worries on 50 between northeast and the bay bridge Macarthur boulevard closed between false red and brickyard road from downed wires Three O one down at the intersection with mchenry and cedarville roads There have been some earlier flashing traffic signals yellow on three O one but red for Cedar villain mchenry and in Bethesda it's a water main break Lyndon avenue I think is now closed between poops who wrote an Alta vista road Now in Virginia looking good on the beltway out of Alexandria There was a little heavy traffic coming out of Springfield on the inner loop just around Braddock road toward two 36 66 is fine between Gainesville and Rosalind east and westbound I think your crash had a manassas west near business two 34 may be out of the roadway Also in manassas the Prince William Parkway new university boulevard there have been reports of Iraq and on mini ville road near elm farm road at a Dale City There was a reported crash Three 95 looks good coming out of Springfield north riding up toward the inbound 14th No late troubles on 95 between Springfield and Fredericksburg should find your travel lanes open It's a little bit of a chore downtown running along canal road headed down toward chain bridge and the Claire Barton Parkway We'd add some malfunctioning signals They've been flashing red in all directions Rid your home of unwanted pests turn to home Paramount pest control call today for a free inspection 8 8 8 8 8 8 home or visit home Paramount dot com Jack Taylor deputy traffic Our forecast now with chuck bell Good morning It's going to be a partly to mostly cloudy day today breaks of sunshine a little bit at a time to temperatures though will stay in the mid to upper 30s for highs today.

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