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Twenty four shots in the fourth quarter simmons ben be a record tone for free throws attempted on the otto porter jr gave the wizards nothing after abidi credited with winning the previous game the bench got sixty six points i'm assuming in the fourth quarter you at all bench guys yanner freddie mac prominent dominant bradley beal and he's warning what do you what what do you think this is a wednesday night game in this first or second month of the season and you're sending a guide to the line 24 28 onwards shot what like think about it what do you think it out as a strategy by scott brooks what does that's the article of jason garrett what do you think of this they weren't go i watched the first three quarters and it was very clear that if they continue doing exactly what they weren't going to win they were going to lose by 25 down down fifteen at that if you care if you think every game you have to win that you're you know it's preceding i guess it's not fun to watch i mean it's miserable there will no excuse me it's fun to watch but it will indignant i mean it worked what happening they have been trying to win the game i mean what's he supposed to decide whether they beat us through threequarter so let's just lay down and go home just 'cause it's a wednesday november you shouldn't try to give seemed the best entertainment that is not entertaining nobody wants to while or what about the cubs walking brice harper all those times two years ago i mean is that cheating us sata it doesn't early biocine really delay the game because ryan zimmerman came up in hidden to dwell teamed up well lays at that point you thought it you thought it had an actual impact yes iraq are on the right course of the season so maybe this has an actual impact bans him an image which would benefit the wizards as well i have no issue with it i mean i'm a wizards fan of course it was terrible watts horrible horrible horrible but hello you play to win the game.

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