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Looks i like freddie highmore a quite a bit actually i think he's i think he's pretty great and i loved him on bates motel um and i think the the the premise series is pretty interesting who who's actually creatively behind the good doctors anybody who's done stuff before big stuff before the only adapted from a korean format but it's adapted by david shore he did house so it's it's very much in his we'll house speaker all right um i apologize for that does not in such a home but it happened uh eddie yeah so it's it's definitely the kind of thing that he knows halted you and i think there's definitely in a deficit of medical for all modes in recent years on television i mean she'd be etched trying with coq black which is going to be entering its third season this year and i don't know human being watched his goal coat black even after rob lowe joined the show in all enact at that sorta shows how desperate networks are because it's such a the loved that genre in key be histories that you know that there's an audience out there that loved that kind of thing here and yet they haven't been fed and so i think that it was well promoted with i think that audiences do want a medical drama and i think pretty high morning good he's he's kind of a little bit too much norman beechy but i don't know how many people honestly watch bates motel at the end of the day of liked eleven or twelve million people watched the good doctor on monday i feel like cuddly tour three million people were watching pitch motel low that's a lot of people who have not who hadn't seen freddie highmore some charlie in the chocolate that.

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