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Are so just for we lost Orleans audio it sounded like they were giving a plea or giving commands to disperse that's what I found it I don't couldn't tell how much time they had to get out of there if they're doing the fifteen minute increment thing that they did at the port a little bit earlier or if they just have to be out of there by eight o'clock which is the the curfew lives second elderly she's back now Arlene okay sorry guys I apologize for that so in the midst of all that you heard me once again giving people another opportunity to get out of this area although some people believe that that is a level to them as protesters because they aren't doing it in their mind you know anything wrong there's nothing going on I have a gentleman here saying if you don't mind if we change has higher ground here so he's shooting from that angle name Sir my name is Manny Rivera many Rivera please keep your mask on for us thank you can you tell us what what you just saw which I also saw but I want to know from a point right he says sitting across the street some protesters are close to the cops I get the cops gave them a couple warnings one guy got aggressive and started running and then that's when the cops cannot rush the rest of the crowd there with them and they're arrested three people okay we're going to turn this around but they're moving stay with us here Danny these officers are moving their line they are now much closer to vacate Boulevard by the way we were warned by people here don't know who but a woman came up to us and said that if they get to where we are here at the freedom tower they will throw tear gas I I don't know if that is accurate or not but obviously we are monitoring that and we have these officers here on the side of the Tripoli arena on Biscayne and we're on the west side of the screen and then we have more protesters on the south side of we're on the south area from where we are but I wanted to talk to Danny here many many too many because he did see the same arrests I did it was more than one with multiple arrests and I just I I I keep asking why I think they're just exercising their first amendment rights and the freedom of speech I guess the cops didn't like it a couple inspired running and that's when the cops are rushing to he didn't arrest anybody that they can get honestly the real people that are taking part out away end of bystanders we're just trying to make no the ones are by the rest of it I mean what is that Rick Rick arrest look like I mean it was as one person and and how many of police officers what what describe like a cop on top of one person I think that you know one or two because the not but just just like the produce then they got four five people on top of one person when I think it can be easy a lot more Mannix right what are they resisting officers were not I mean they were they couldn't resist they couldn't move let's just be fair for second year these officers are giving these folks a lot of time I mean we're here for a while so so tell us about that part of it I mean your opinion on how much time the date that they've given and and and what's actually happening here over giving us the time in the space to protest peacefully and on there not being as aggressive at that but I thought that I had yesterday but I think that they went a little too far but just trying to get everybody when one or two bad apples don't make a scene verbally and they start rushing everybody is near them I think is a little okay and raises the crowd and gonna serve the wrong purpose how many arrested you see Sausal part three okay are you here today to my excitement my freedom right here my rights on I've been a victim of the system I work with are you on a nonprofit organization called in power to you the the view that there is a program for inner city youth so I see what the system can do and how the system oppress the people of poverty minorities and I'm here to change the hopefully now how how can how can this be changed home honestly by letting people be heard and economically empowering our communities I can only leaders but also keeping the same energy that we are now protesting in high numbers but taking that to the ballot in November and making the change because that's our biggest weapon our voice and our choices enough thank you so much many for your time thanks to meet you so we're staying out here where the Miami Dade officers have stayed in line they've actually their special top response team has just gone down south on Biscayne where those protesters are standing there's also a number of police officers on the B. side part of the base game here and like many just sad that I'm sorry I'm also seeing bicycle officers so I don't know whether or not there will be some type of confrontation with the protesters were looking at this now this appears to be possibly city of Miami police you were trying to keep a safe distance here so you know I don't understand if these protesters cannot be on the sidewalk so this could be the issue that we're.

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