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Ezekiel Elliott is a top-notch money back. He's really really good. It's obvious. It's clear. He runs the ball. Well, he's good in the passing game, but it's also clear to me that Dallas is overpaying Ezekiel Elliott. You may not like to hear that but we have learned especially watching football this year that in today's NFL. You don't need to pay a running back big time money to get big time production. It's just a fact of life in the NFL right now. You may not agree with my philosophy on running backs and that's fine. But hear me out at least number one running backs do not win football games. I remember a couple of years ago. When a rival of the Cowboys and New York Giants drafted saquon Barkley in the NFL draft. I went running back with one of the top picks the top three pick in the NFL and what happened have they been incredibly successful since that happened. They have not received was saquon Barkley the missing thing they needed to win football games know and it's not entirely fair enough framing it in a way, but my point is that ask, New York. And this is the beginning of a lot of stuff. I have to say Le'Veon Bell went to the Jets house. They want a lot since then no saquon Barkley went four and twelve last year with the New York Giants. You need a long way more than a running back to win. My point is running backs are not the key focal thing. You need to win you pay a quarterback you pay a defense then I would not pay a running back. I don't think they have a gigantic impact on whether or not you win both games, but they do help force their let me be clear. Now is Ezekiel Elliott is making around ten point nine million dollars against the salary cap this year in 2020. He will be a 13.7 million dollar cap at next year in a sixteen point five million dollar salary cap hit two years from now. Here's a list of guys who can give you similar production numerically like numbers and stats and not a big fat guy. But here are guys who can do a similar give you similar production to Ezekiel Elliott for way way less money number one James Robinson, I think a bit unfair but he's an undrafted free agent with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Nobody took him coming. That's why I would not hold it against the Cowboys. But hey, he's getting paid $611,000. He's running. Well, he's catching the ball. He's doing everything for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He's really really good job, and they're.

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