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Welcome unwelcomed misinformation attribute podcasts for ladies and gents who have cool trivia and sticking it to nine teams at pub quiz. Where your hosts. I'm lauren and i'm julia. Hey jaw hi. hi so year It's a new year. It's almost the new year. We're so close. So i hope you all had a nice holiday First of all. And second of all. I hope you have a nice and lovely. And a warm and comforting. New year's may twenty twenty one be better than twenty twenty all signs point to. Yes but let's keep hope alive everyone so today so you know. I work in an art museum. Yes i hate to break it to you on the podcast on a live recording like this But the thing that i have learned from working at an art museum is how. The art market is very Subjective yes that's great. That's a great neutral phrase. Yeah so. I was actually talking to steve about this. We are committee meeting. And you know we always update each other on our daily. How was your day. And like how was your day. And i was like. Oh we had our committee and you know like you know. We're purchasing this piece of art for this amount of money and this piece of art for this amount of money and you know like and st was like oh my god and i was like what what's wrong. He was like it. Just it blows my mind that art is just is not like it's not like a resource that just the price of it is just like arbitrary letting everyone agrees that this thing is worth seven point five million dollars then people pay that much money and will you buy gold for work and he was like. Yeah but we use it. Looks like it's not like we buy gold and then carved into something and then resell it like. It's we use it for science. I i well. I guess you're right so Thinking about the art market and thinking about how strange it is and how. It's always been like very weird Despite the fact that we're a nonprofit museum institution we still have for still subject to the whims and and winds of of the art market. I was thinking about that. And i was also thinking about a very famous artists so two day. I'm going to be talking about the artist. Jules michel basquiat give then so julia familiar. Are you with joe michel. Basquiat hoop sketchy sketchily. Details in okay. Yes that he writes a black artist from new york city. A very good chance he did he die of aids he did. Not but you young okay. So we'll talk. We'll talk about that so we're gonna be talking about. John michel basquiat his style his his life. It's very interesting. So let's just get into him show. Shell was born in brooklyn as you mentioned on december twenty second nineteen sixty shortly after the death of his older brother. Max so You'll see soon that his his home life was little unruly hot. We'll get there. He was the second of four children of middle-class parents matilda and gerard basquiat He had two younger sisters and his father's yard was born in potter prince. Haiti and his mother. matilda was a puerto rican descent and she was born in brooklyn as well Mathilde in love For art and her young son by taking him to art museums in manhattan and she enrolled him as a junior member of the brooklyn museum of art She wasn't as she was used to be an aspiring fashion designer. So she also loved to draw So she really encouraged artistic talents Jean-michel was actually a very precocious child. Who learned how to read and write by the age of four. And yeah and he was also very gifted artist and his mother encouraged her son's artistic talent and his his dad was an accountant and he would bring home scrap paper from the office withdrawal over the paper so in september of nineteen sixty eight at the age of seven. He was hit by a car while he was playing the street. Oh it was terrible. His arm was broken and he suffered several internal injuries and eventually underwent splenectomy. they would move to spleen. Yes oh very bad. He was in the hospital for a month and while he was recuperating from his injuries his mother bought him a copy of grey's anatomy to keep him occupied and so what every seven year old wants to read while arms out he loved it so in this book would actually prove to be very influential at his future. Artistic style out Unfortunately his parents Also separated that year and he and his sisters were raised by their father. Okay so by. The age of eleven bosquet was fully fluent in french spanish and english and was an avid reader of all three languages so he was obviously like super smart just from the get. Go and also very artistically talented His family resided in boerum hill. Brooklyn for five years and then moved to san juan in nineteen seventy four Where he studied at a catholic school and then after two years they returned to new york. City unfortunately around this time his mother was committed to a mental institution and thereafter spent her life in and out of institutions very tough experiences with mental illness and so due to his mother's instability and just his family unrest. He ran away from home at fifteen and slept on park benches in washington square park until he was arrested and then return to the care of his father. So and then in his seventies that's like yeah peak rough new york city new york. Yeah very rough. So he was not. He was not in a very stable environment. So then in nineteen seventy seven. Basquiat and his schoolmate began spray painting graffiti on buildings in lower manhattan and they worked under the pseudonym sam o. s. a. m. Oh okay and this was an acronym for they thought the old shit basically This was after he dropped out of high school and so as a way to survive and make money. He began to sell a mosh postcards and t shirts so he would like you know. Draw somebody famous sir. Like favorite band or whatever and he would sell them on the street. the designs also featured inscribed messages with his untitled works Such as it was called plush safe he think samo. And i don't know what plush safe he.

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