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Still answer girls before exiting the home he mentioned that before opened the opening the bedroom door and making the discovery nothing in the home seemed like it was out of place and he also couldn't offer any information about possible enemies the family may have had a witness number eight was fenwick more and this was another more brother there were several brothers in the mix here uh his testimony was not particularly illuminating he indicated that he really didn't know anything about his brother's business or if he had any enemies and he was dismissed from the stand pretty quickly the ninth witness was marshall hank horton and the marshalls testimony was really brief he basically said he'd been contacted by silly to go into the more home he corroborated entering the house with sally and then again with the doctors witness number ten was leaving guilder and this was designs nephew but he also did not have a whole lot of information to impart he had briefly been considered a suspect because he had some kind of shady uh happenings in his background his record was not entirely clean but he was cleared pretty early on witness eleven was another more brother harry more and he also had really nothing new to add in the proceedings like fenwick his other brother he had neither knowledge of tapie's business nor of any possible ill intentions against him witness twelve was blanche cylinder and remember this was lena on his older sister she was the one that had spoken with desire over the phone about the girl sleeping over at the more house and she was the one that kind of said yeah i think that will be fine i will tell my parents and a 13th witness was a joseph still injure so lena and either ida's father he also didn't know of anyone who might commit such a crime and he indicated that his wife had to the more several times in the morning the morning that the.

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